Hotels Tipping Guidelines

 Hotels tipping guidelines in a sense that hotel attendants assume you can afford to tip the services you are being provided during your stay. The work done by hotel attendants is no less in affordable hotels than it is in luxury hotels or fancy boutique hotels. Still, appropriate tipping is always a personal decision.  

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Tipping the Valet Parking

 No need to look for a place to park. The valet parking attendant is responsible for parking your car, retrieving your car and providing you with a valet parking receipt. Valet tipping conveys your appreciation for the luxury and the luxurious of the service provided by experienced and skilled attendants.

 Tipping the valet $1 or $2 on top of the parking fee for parking or for returning you car is considered appropriate tipping and within usual hotel tipping standards. The tip is given when your car is returned. The tip is given when your car is returned. You are not required to tip for parking your vehicle, but you are for returning it. 

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Tipping the Valet

 When using the parking attendant services, you might consider tipping the valet when s/he takes your car. It provided him or her with an incentive to take extra care. However, tipping the valet is still required when s/he returns it. 

 The valet parking attendant holds all the keys and is able to move cars around when needed. If you think you may have to leave in a rush, than tipping the valet parking attendant upon arrival becomes mandatory. Valet tipping is still required when the valet parking attendant retrieves your car and brings to you. Remember to ask that your car be placed where it can be retrieved quickly when you arrive.

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Tipping the Doorman

 The doorman provides courtesy and security service, creates a welcoming environment for hotel guests and facilitates your arrival and your departure. They greet you, carry your bags into the hotel, open doors and hail taxis. 

 If s/he just opened the door, tipping is not required. If s/he hails you a taxi, $1 or $2, if s/he helps you with your bags in our out of the car, about $1 per bag, if s/he carries your bags to the front desk, about $2 per bag. If the doorman has been exceptionally helpful with directions and suggestions, usual hotel tipping standards are between $2 to $5. 

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Tipping the Lobby Attendant

 Lobby attendants assist you with your luggage and bring them to your room. Tipping amounts are $1 to $2 per bag or $5 to $10 for bringing all your luggage from your car or from the front desk to your room.

 Your tip is given when the lobby attendant has shown you your room. Tipping amounts are similar upon checkout except when your luggage is out of the ordinary or when it must be retrieved from storage.

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 Desk clerk take your reservations and confirm your bookings. They register your room, assign your living quarters and issue your room keys. They also receive and transmit your messages, keep records of your account and collect your payment when you depart. 

 A tip is always appreciated, especially if the desk clerk surpassed your expectations. However, good service and a courteous attitude still go together and tipping lobby attendants is not always necessary. 

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Hotels Tipping Guidelines

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