Hotels Front Line Concierges

 "Consider it done" says luxurious hotels front line concierges. Best concierges not batting an eyelid even at the most bizarre requests. Demands that can be pretty weird but, it is with the unusual that our Montreal luxurious front line concierges services really shine.    

 Most employers require an AEC, an Attestation d'études collégiales. AECs being for those who wish to acquire new assets or become more efficient in their workplace. Concierge schools and trainings such as those offered by AECs enable students to acquire skills related to various job functions including hotel jobs and concierge jobs.

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Concierge Job Description

 Any basic concierge job description does specify that concierges will handle your messages and mail if any, suggest restaurants, make reservations for dinners and concerts, recommend tours, tell you about shopping locations and guide you away from the local tourist traps. 

 Their responsibilities and their duties include many different types of assistance. You can leave them with any type of service you may require and find that it was completed and done to your satisfaction while you are away attending your business appointment or your sightseeing adventure.

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 Concierges are travel consultants, personal and business assistants, social advisers, confidential secretaries, handymen. Because they specialize in so many areas, concierges can and do advise and help solve every local or international problem guests may experience.

 As long as it is legal and moral, concierges will do pretty much anything. It could be a very simple task such as getting new shoelaces or, it could go to the other extreme like having to book a private plane in five minutes. Their job is to keep guests happy, good concierges being limited by their imagination only and not by their concierge job description.

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Errands and Concierge Duties

 Concierges are experts in hotel service information and local knowledge. Concierges deal with many different queries and problems and carry out all kinds of tasks. Concierges organize travel arrangements, book last minute theater tickets, make reservations at exclusive restaurants.

 Some of these tasks could be done by the front office manager or by a member of his or her staff using the web, Then again, Internet will never greet you, never welcome you, never ask you "how can I be of assistance?"

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 Concierges have experience and knowledge as well as contacts from all over the world. It is the knowledge they acquired over the years that makes a top-notch concierge. Concierges are like wine and cheese, they improve over the years.

 Finally, it is good manners to tip, tipping being an unwritten rule that a courtesy is expected. Hotel staff and concierge should receive an appropriate tip as you leave the establishment, Tipping being one way of thanking them for their courteous service.

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Hotels Front Line Concierges

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