Greater Montreal Metro Art Pictures

A list of our Greater Montreal metro art pictures, that is the City of Laval and the City of Longueuil for you to discover and appreciate as well as information about our bicycle sharing system called BIXI Montréal and bike paths.

You may also be interested in our Inventaire de la collection municipale d'art public where you will find information about the location of each of our public art in each borough of the City of Montreal. 

Laval Metro Art Pictures
Cartier Station - Orange Metro Line

L'homme est un roseau pensant 3 (2007)

Dessins suspendus (2009)

Laval Metro Art Picture
de la Concorde Station - Orange Metro Line

Nos allers-retours (2007)

Laval Metro Art Picture
Montmorency Station - Orange Metro Line

Les fluides (2007)

Longueuil Metro Art Picture
Longueuil-Université-de-Sherbrooke Station
Yellow Metro Line

Bas-reliefs (1967)

Montreal Public Art Pictures


Montreal URBAN Kit
Greater Montreal Metro Art by Rachel Louise Barry

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