Employers Employees Establishments

 There are four types of employers employees establishments, four basic structures for GST/HST - Goods and Services Tax / Harmonized Sales Tax purposes according to our Canada Business and Industry:

  1. The sole proprietorship owned by only one person
  2. The partnership owned by two or more partners.
  3. The corporation, a legal entity separated from its shareholders.
  4. The co-operative owned and controlled by an association of members.

 Some business organizations feel that recruitment takes too much time and money they would rather spend on other tasks and responsibilities while others such as establishments employers agree that the benefits of using the hiring process of a job agency clearly exceed the value of the time and effort of not using it.

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Employers Establishments Requirements

 Basically, the services offered by employment agencies are related to matching employers to employees and employees to employers. Employment services linked to the specific requirements of their client companies in accordance with the expertise and the preferences of the candidates they recruited.

 Employment agencies who offer relevant services such as job descriptions and job references from previous employers, who use pre-employment tests such as personality tests and skills assessment tests and who offer special trainings and practical advice when necessary.

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Employers Establishments Expectations

 Employment agencies who specialize in permanent or temporary placement, who offer payroll services or human resources management or customer service, or administrative support and who concentrate on specific areas such as sales, production, distribution, logistics, transport...

 Employment agencies who specialize in product or service businesses, who concentrate on part time jobs to support full time employees, who re-introduce highly skilled professionals in working environments and who find jobs for those who wish to work outside the normal 9 to 5 working hours.

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Employers Establishments Jobs

 Employment agencies jobs need a permit from the CNESST and workers hired through employment agencies are entitled to receive the same wages as those paid to other workers performing the same tasks within the same establishments.

 Employment agencies have three main purposes, assist employers and employees, match employers and employees and evaluate job related skills. Employment agencies are allowed to charge employers for services rendered but cannot charge the employees who received the services.

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Employers Roles and Responsibilities

 Finally, one must know and remember that the rights of temporary foreign workers are protected by law. "Your employer must pay you for your work, ensure that your workplace is safe, give you break time and days off, respect the terms of your written contract."

 "Your employer cannot force you to perform duties that you were not hired or trained to do, force you to work if you are sick or injured, take your passport or work permit away from you, have you deported from Canada or change your immigration status, make you pay them back for fees they paid to hire you."

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Employers Employees Establishments

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