Effective Meeting Planning Checklist

 Effective meeting planning checklist so all kinds of unforeseen complications can and are prevented. Effective meeting planning checklists based on the 4 Ps as in Purpose, Product and/or Service, People and Process.

 Many do's and don'ts that may or may not have impacts on the success or the failure of any type of meetings. Important meetings such as convention meetings, problem solving meetings, online meetings and so many others that each must reach the utmost level of satisfaction of all participants. 

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Decision Making Meetings

 Morning meetings are pleasant. Why? For simple reasons. The day is just starting and everyone is still rather relaxed, rather cheerful and rather happy to start a day of work and to spend time with co-workers or customers before another rush day.

 Emotionally intelligent people who are great listeners, who know with whom they have something in common and who reinforce their likability by remembering small details about their coworkers or about their customers.

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Problem Solving Meetings

 That said, the first thing to do is to make sure that your meeting planning checklist matches your credit program and that it has been properly and accurately set up.

 Facilities and equipment must be available, the presentation must be rehearsed and decisions regarding photos and film recordings must be taken in advance.

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 Audio-visual presentations are simple for those who know how to handle them but many different little problems can happen and they definitely should be anticipated and solved before they occur. 

Team Building Meetings

 Food is important and so are many different decisions since some participants may have allergies, others may have religious restrictions and others still may have specific requirements.

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 That said, catering managers must discuss the current state of the project, menus must be distributed and seasonal or house specials must be included. As for hotel procedures, meeting rooms and facilities must be reserved in advance so proper space is allocated to your guests and your team.

Brainstorming Meetings

 Send an email to your contact with a summary of all the items that will need to be shipped, make sure all the necessary packages are shipped on time, tell him or her about where they should be dropped off and arrange for a return shipment after the meeting.

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 Transportation is important if meetings are to be on time so, check the airports, the buses and the taxis. As for the miscellaneous items, provide name badges and directional identification signs, check all the tips and get senior management involved.

Meeting Rooms Booking

 For the most part, finding the right location and planning a business meeting involves common sense groundwork such as asking others for recommendations, researching hotel accommodations, visiting different locations and watching for special offers.

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 Special offers during off-peak seasons when most if not all Montreal meeting rates in hotels drop dramatically or when city-wide activities have slowed down.

 Try not to get locked into set dates for your company meeting and agenda. If your meeting planners can be flexible with several dates, or if they can allow a two to three week window, your company will have more time and more options to choose from. 

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Effective Meeting Planning Checklist

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