City of Montreal Traffic Rules

 City of Montreal traffic rules for cyclists stipulates that cyclists must comply with the same rules of the road that bind motor vehicles drivers, except for the following restrictions:

  • They must always travel on the right-hand side of the road.
  • They must ride in single file when in groups of two or more.
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Cooperative Road Sharing

  • At red and yellow lights, stop your vehicle before the crosswalk, stop line or edge of the intersection.
  • Before opening the door of a stopped vehicle, ensure you can do so without endangering a cyclist.
  • Bring your vehicle to a complete stop at red lights and stop signs.
  • Leave enough room when passing a cyclist.
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  • Never pass a school bus or mini bus if its flashing lights are on and its stop sign is extended unless there is a meridian or other raised physical berrier between you and the bus.
  • Stop your vehicle at least five metres from a school or minibus when flashers are on.
  • Stop your vehicle to allow a pedestrian who has entered the crosswalk to cross the street.
  • Yield to pedestrians anc cyclists when turning at an intersection.
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Drivers Traffic Rules

 Driving a car is not an innate skill. It is an activity that requires our complete attention. It is a privilege granted by the SAAQ to people who meet the requirements to obtain a driver's license. Adopting safe practices avoids problems and allows you to remain confident about preserving your driving privileges.

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Obligatory Stop

 A bicycle rider approaching a STOP sign must stop and yield passage to any vehicle that is either turning into the intersection or close enough to present danger of collision.

Red Light

 Unless otherwise indicated, when approaching a red light, cyclists must stop before the pedestrian crossing or the stop line. If there is none, they must stop in fron of the lateral line on the road at the intersection and, they can carry on as soon as the signal changes.

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Safe Driving

 The safe behavior of drivers remains an essential component for accident prevention, as it is their behavior that causes 80% of collisions. Like the slogan says: "we are all responsible for our conduct" - nous sommes tous responsables de notre conduite".

Traffic Signals

 Several articles of the Highway Safety Code are unknown or misinterpreted by drivers. Drivers who are responsible for knowing the regulations before getting behind the wheel, since the courts do not recognize a defense based on ignorance of the law.

 Yielding the Right of Way

 A bicycle rider turning in an intersection must yield passage to other pedestrians and other cyclists.

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City of Montreal Traffic Rules

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