Catering Services and Events

 Catering services and events in remote sites such as hotels, banquet halls, filming sites ... A Canadian catering industry along with Quebec major agricultural products such as cereals, vegetables, fruits, meat, milk and eggs.

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 Catering suppliers paired with food catering services that, at the very least, include setting up tables, chairs and linens, offering bar tending services, serving food and beverages and cleaning up throughout and after the event. 

 Catering contracts and catering information services before, during and after important events such as cocktail receptions to celebrate someone or something, corporate events such as conferences, seminars and trade shows and joyful receptions such as weddings, baby showers, anniversaries and graduations.

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Catering Company Services

 Caterers and catering services first divided into two types, 1) on-premise such meeting rooms of all sizes and 2) off-premise such as hotels or banquet halls.

 Caterers and catering services then divided into four categories called 1) concession catering, 2) corporate catering, 3) social events catering and 4) wedding catering.

 And, caterers and catering services are divided into three types of caterers, 1) private full service caterers, 2) hotel and restaurant caterers and 3) mobile delivery caterers.

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Catering Information Services

 Who is coming and who are they? Are guests used to expensive and high quality foods and services or, are they rather reasonable, logical and practical?  Only a professional caterer with a business plan and a mission can tell.

 Made to measure catering plans that aim to satisfied customers and to contented guests while earning a profit along with a mission with a special interest for quality and delicious foods, creative cuisine and artistic presentations.  

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Food Catering Services

 Private full service caterers such as full service wedding catering companies ... privately owned and operated catering companies with proper knowledge, experience and skills.

 The duties of hotel and restaurant caterers are mostly related to menu design, menu preparations, banquet arrangements, seat and table setups, staff and cleaning up activities.

 As for mobile and delivery catering, food is delivered via food carts, food trucks or delivery services by caterers who offer specific menus, pre-packaged food options and prices based on the number of guests.

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Catering Prices and Contracts

 Most events catering budgets and catering prices are based on pre-established menus and on the number of guests. 

 Non-food costs such as gratuities must, of course, be added to the event catering budget. Staff such as cooks, servers and bartenders, rentals such as tables and chairs, dishes and glassware and tasks such as set-up and take-down.

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 Fortunately, caterers are professionals who create interesting combinations of high cost to low cost food items and food catering services. Indoor or outdoor event catering and trained caterers who make sure the results are impressive and the prices are satisfactory.

 Catering contracts that, at the very least include contact information of the catering company and customer followed by a menu, a list of extras if any, a final date for changes and payment information. Also included are health and safety requirements, insurance, cancellation policy, breach of contract and penalty fees.

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Catering Services and Events

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