Business Corporations and Establishments

 In the province of Quebec, business corporations and establishments are legal entities with specific rights and obligations. According to Educaloi, "a business corporation, also called a company, is a legal structure for doing business". Various types of facilities and establishments also called businesses or places of business.

 Also according to Educaloi, the obligations and requirements of Human Resources include employees rights and responsibilities towards their employers and the rights and responsibilities of establishments employers towards their employees.

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SMEs Establishments Rules

 Salaried employees, contract employees, temporary employees and seasonal employees must behave in accordance with the establishments rules and obligations of their employers. Employees obligations such as performing their duties with proper care and diligence.

 Salaried employees who, as a rule, must act faithfully and must cooperate with their employer. Employees who are honest, who use judgment and who protect what is considered to be confidential information by their product or service establishments.

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Employee Employer Relationship

 Establishments employers must give their employees a decent place to work and the proper tools and equipment related to their particular field or activity. They must treat their employees with respect and must make sure they are not intimidated or prejudiced. 

 Carefully selected standard and functional establishment rules to protect employers and employees from legal claims. Proper establishment regulations and guidelines to make certain their work environment is orderly and positive.

 Some establishments entrust their employees with more duties and responsibilities then those required by law but all employees have the right to work in French.

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Small Establishments Businesses

 The leaders of small product or service establishments of 2 to 50 employees are usually managers or owners. An administration manager who is often in charge of all administrative services including recruiting employees, interviewing and hiring. 

 In this type of establishment businesses, job descriptions are not always written or specific and new employees are expected to be versatile in their functions.

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Medium and Large Establishments

 In average establishment businesses of 50 to 300 employees, management is usually under the responsibility of several administrative managers in charge of either administration, accounting, marketing, production or sales, but not necessarily of human resources.

 In many situations, job seekers can contact their preferred area manager, that is the administrative manager responsible for recruiting new employees in the department that may or may not require your services and for which you think you qualify.

 In this type of product and service establishments, job descriptions normally describe the general tasks, duties and responsibilities of a position. It also usually contains required qualifications, salary range and contact information. 

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Corporations and Establishments Businesses

 In large establishment businesses of 300 employees and more, organization charts that indicate the range of the administrative functions of each departments and services are usually available.

 In this type of business corporations and establishments, there is always a Human Resources department but its role may vary from one establishment to another.

 Human Resources are normally responsible for recruiting new employees and for interviewing and selecting potential candidates. Department managers can also be responsible for interviewing and hiring employees, but only for their own specific department.

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Business Corporations and Establishments

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