Benefits of Concierge Services

 Most if not all benefits of concierge services are easily accessible, especially since the hotel concierge desk is often the first and the last to be seen. Hotel best concierges who carry themselves properly and who are great team player, two of their most important assets.

 Valuable qualities and assets that also include discretion, diplomacy, patience, people skills and a "computer brain" for remembering names and faces. Hotel concierge jobs that also require initiative, the ability to juggle many different tasks at the same time and to always remain calm under pressure. 

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 Hotel concierge duties that include having a pleasant and welcoming appearance, good grooming habits, excellent sight and hearing and absolute integrity. A concierge must be in good health and physically fit, with the ability to stand for long periods and to actively get around when required.

Valet and Concierge Services

 News of vacancies for hotel concierge job openings are often spread by word of mouth only. Not many are advertised and filled by employment agencies or human resources. Being at the right place at the right moment definitely helps.

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 Hotel concierge services done in collaboration with the front desk, the bellman and the sales manager. A hotel front desk agent that performs all check-in and check-out, manages online and phone reservations and informs customers about payment methods.

 The responsibilities of the bellman include greeting the hotel guests upon arrival and thanking them upon departure, assisting them with their luggage, providing lobby coverage and assisting the front desk and the concierge when necessary. 

 As for the hotel sales manager, he or she is responsible for prospecting new businesses while maintaining and nurturing old customers and old accounts.

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Concierge Job Description

 What best concierges love most about their concierge job description is variety. No daily routine, no 9 to 5, just daily challenges, rewards and excitement. Concierge work for tips and since they can provide such a wide variety of services, proper tipping is highly recommended.

 Concierges are often invited to restaurants and events so they can better advise their hotel guests. They meet stars, they spend time with famous people, they help whenever they can, they turn situations around and they learn something new everyday.

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 Nothing is perfect of course. The role of a concierge is not always regarded as it should be. A concierge management job can easily become a high-pressure job. Always being on the front line, always dealing with guests, always doing their best to satisfy each and everyone of them.  

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Benefits of Concierge Services

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