Atikamekw of the Bark

 The Atikamekw of the Bark and Atikamekw First Nation managed to keep their traditional language, their culture and their land. Atikamekw means whitefish in Atikamek. A "whitefish lake first nation" considered the best eating fish there is. 

 Atikamekw First Nation who are members of the Algonquian language family and who are known for their famous birch bark expertise and for the canoes they create and then build. Three Atikamekw bands and four communities in the Mauricie region of Quebec. 

Council of the Atikamekw First Nation

 The mission and the vision of the Economic and Social Development plan prepared by the Council of the Atikamekw First Nation is divided into five strategic areas: 1) employability, 2) entrepreneurship, 3) funding, 4) business networks and 5) Atikamekw industries.

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 Employability as in "rapidly Increase the employment rate of the Atikamekw" entrepreneurship as in "support those who wish to create an SME" and last but not least, funding as in "increase access to financing".

 Business Networks as in "create synergies between the Council, the Atikamekw, each of their community and each of their external partners". Atikamekw Industries as in "Identify and develop compliant activities according to the values and the culture of the Atikamekw".

Atikamekw Mission and Vision

 The economic and social development mission of the Atikamekw Council is to  coordinate local economic development projects and to organize a very dynamic and very efficient entrepreneurial ecosystem.

 The vision of the Atikamekw Council is to promote the Atikamekw economy by  applying specific principles in order to protect its territory, to insure its prosperity and to forever preserve the sustainability of its traditions.

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Atikamekw People of the Bark

 Nowadays, the Atikamekw concentrate their efforts and their knowledge on their economic development and on respecting and maintaining their traditions and their environment. 

 A Conseil in French, or Council in English where services such as education, social and technical services, language, culture, economic development and document management are provided in the Manawan, Obedjwan and Wemotaci communities.


 Over the years, the Atikamekw created various organizations and identified and developed various activities that were and still are compliant to their values and their culture.

 Activities that, among other, include the creation of Les Projets Produits Forestiers Non Ligneux Anicinapek. 

 They also created L'espace culturel Onikam, the IDDPNQL - L'industrie de développement durable des premières nations du Québec et du Labrador, the Atikamekw Sipi also called the "Conseil de la nation Atikamekw" to represent the Atikamekw and to promote their rights, their values and their interests.

 And, they created the "Secrétariat au territoire pour prendre en charge les dossiers se rapportant à l’occupation Atikamekw du Nitaskinan, l’environnement, l’écologie, l’aménagement et la planification du territoire, la gestion de la faune et la gestion des ressources naturelles".

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Atikamekw of the Bark

Atikamekw Singular - Atikamekw Plural

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