Affordable Apartment Hotels

 Montreal affordable apartment hotels and comfortable services such as additional space, separate living and sleeping areas, recreational facilities, in-room kitchen and staff assistance.

 Business men and women who value the high quality of their lodging and the effect it has on their long-term job productivity and comfort.

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 Some business and resort hotels offer short stays while others offer extended-stays to business travelers who look for and appreciate  guaranteed reservation, cleanliness and competent services.

 Many if not all service businesses and travelers see long-term trips as a positive aspect of their career jobs. Extended stay business travelers who feel that extended trips are more interesting, more productive, more enjoyable and definitely less stressful than a day or a week at the office. 

Hotel Trend Enterprises

 In the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s modern motels offered full bathrooms, heating, quality furniture and flashy wallpaper. As for modern hotels, they improved their food & beverage, their parking, their services and they gave access to televisions.

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 In the 1980s hotels established their first non-smoking floors and environmental concerns while the 90s featured hyper themed hotel suites.

 In the 2000s, the Wi-Fi started to spring up in hotels and, in 2021, the essential hotel amenities in business class hotel rooms are increasingly digital and so are new hospitality skills and asset management. 

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Affordable Hotel Suites

 Are you an extended-stay traveler? Five consecutive nights is one of our Montreal apartment hotels qualify you for the title. Extended-stay travelers who look for inspirational, functional and comfortable accommodations and a nice place to sleep.

 Business travelers with deductible business expenses who prefer functional and stylish business hotel accommodations at affordable prices. Standard business deductions such as administrative expenses, business related travel, entertainment and car expenses.

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 Business travelers who need rooms to work, relax and sleep and who need hotels with high-speed Internet. They also need public spaces to meet, sit and carry their business activities. Hotel public spaces such as the lobby as well as the meeting rooms, the restaurants and the bars.  

Business Hotel Accommodations

 While most of the day is spent in a business hotel working or meeting customers and suppliers, time outside their hotel office job is important to business travelers. 

 Montreal apartment hotels in great locations in Montreal and in its many different areas where it is easy to walk and enjoy the scenery with great shopping areas, great entertainment and great food. 

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Affordable Apartment Hotels

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