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 On the one hand, ACTA members travel agents and, on the other, consumers who benefit from a flood of online data on travel. Data that enables people to decipher airfare mysteries, figure out which seats are best on each plane, or train, or  and learn the historical highs and lows of prices for any specific destination.

 If you are a frequent flyer or someone willing to invest time to get the best deal and the best trip, it's one good way of doing it. Or, if you would rather let a professional agent take care of your travel research, travel planning and travel costs, it's also a perfect and different way of doing it.

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Travel Trends and Travel Plans

 Travel agents offer advice about all kinds of destinations and make arrangements for transportation, hotel accommodations, car rentals, sight seeings ... It's their job to stay on top of travel trends and to make sure everything is properly planned. Your flight could be delayed, your hotel could be overbooked, your travel insurance could refuse your claim ...   

 Before you book your next trip, it's best to carefully evaluate the travel agent of your choice and to clarify all the services and all the costs. Travel agents speak travel language and they're there for you if and when you need a specific travel service, run into trouble or need a specific travel information. Travel agents who look at you in the eyes and who shake your hand.

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 Knowledgeable and experienced travel agents who can track down discounts and bargains quickly, set up complicated itineraries and provide “insider information,” such as reports from other travel agencies or from customers who have taken your proposed business or vacation trip.

 Or, ill-informed and inexperienced travel agents who may be influenced or persuaded or offered payment by supply chains such as accommodation companies, beverage companies, food companies, recreation companies, shopping companies, tour operators, transportation companies ... 

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A local Tourism Industry

 A local tourism industry divided into six important sectors as in:

  1. Transportation
  2. Air Transportation
  3. Other transportation
  4. Accommodation
  5. Food and beverage services
  6. Recreation and entertainment

 Establishments primarily engaged in arranging, assembling and marketing tours, generally through travel agencies, along with sales to businesses, to individuals and households, to governments, to non-profit organizations and public institutions including exports outside Canada. An industry that also comprises establishments primarily engaged in travel arrangement and reservation services.

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 Examples of establishments in this industrial group are:

  1. tourist and travel agencies;
  2. travel tour operators and wholesale operators;
  3. convention and visitors' bureaus;
  4. airline, bus, railroad and steamship ticket offices;
  5. sports and theatrical ticket offices;
  6. airline, hotel and restaurant reservation offices.

 So, simply ask your ACTA members travel agents. What you want is a solid company that can and does provide a wide range of expert services including those related to problems such as cancellations and delays. 

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Best Travel Deals

 That said,

  • Be canny about fees. There is a wide range of fee structures even within a given market, so don’t hesitate to inquire.
  • Be loyal. Choose a reputable agency you’re familiar with or that has been referred and stick with it for all your travel services. 
  • Stay flexible. Providing a range of travel times may yield a better fare. 
  • Be precise. You can never be too specific when booking travel.
  • Get all the costs. Travel agents are required to outline all taxes, airport fees, and fuel surcharges that are part of your airfare.

 Some travel agents only work part time, many are retired and have pensions and investments, others sell travel to family and friends while maintaining a career elsewhere but each and everyone of them enjoy the benefits of being in the travel industry.

 For more information on travel agencies, you may wish to consult the Règlements sur les agents de voyage de lOffice de la protection du consommateur.

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ACTA Members Travel Agents

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