Your Amazing Stories

Writing is not easy and, writing your amazing stories is even harder so... let's start at the beginning. The most effective stories evoke deep emotions. What moves you will most probably move most if not all our readers. 

Do You Have an Amazing Story About Montreal?

Share your amazing story about our City or Island of Montreal. Or, if you prefer, share a story about your favorite city or island. Tell us about your most challenging or, your most boring experience. Anything about Montreal or about any other city in the world you'd like to share.

If you've been to Montreal, if you live in Montreal, please share your amazing story. We'd love to read it and we know our visitors will love it too. We look forward to hear from you and thank you in advance for your contribution to our Montreal Kits Amazing Stories. RLB

Authentic life stories with a beginning, a middle and an end about one short slice of your Montreal life. A real life story about you, in a particular setting, during a specific event with, if you wish, a conflict and a resolution. A simple and logical true story about Montreal or about any other city or island in the world.

When you finish the cool story you decided to write, share it by sending it to Montreal Kits and then celebrate. We will share your amazing story with our visitors so you and your friends and family can see it, read it and love it. 

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Your Amazing Stories by Rachel Louise Barry