Montreal Winter Photos 2

Montreal Winter Photos 2 at the Montreal Botanical Garden where a quiet and peaceful walk is always possible.  Then again, since COVID-19, the Garden is presently closed.

Walks on the main road are possible as well as cross country skiing is done on all the other snowy paths.

Both entrances are opened during the day and, during winter, the entry is free. 

The wrought iron gates on Rosemont and on Sherbrooke streets are opened all day for those who like cross country skying, bird watching, jogging, photographing, walking... 

You might want to compare these photos with those taken last summer and showed in our Montreal Summer Photos series.

Quite a contrast, even I am amazed by a winter color palette so different from the summer color palette of the Montreal Summer Photos series. 

Except for my hands getting cold each time I took a picture - it was minus 15C that day - a walk in the Botanical Garden is always a very pleasant and very peaceful moment. 

As soon as you cross the barrier and start walking, nature immediately soothes you, appeases you and even smiles at you.

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Montreal Winter Photos
2 by Rachel Louise Barry
Have a pleasant winter moment.

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