Montreal Winter Photos 17

This part of the Botanical Garden always reminds me of school days even though this is not where we played. All those trees. It also reminds me of going to the sugar shack in March or April.

It reminds me of the battles between the Iroquois and the French we learned at school and of the cowboy and Indian games we played after school in fields that have since been replaced by all kinds of new buildings.  

I never met an Iroquois, at least not to my knowledge, but the Jardin des Premières Nations at the Montreal Botanical Garden is always a nice place to visit during the summer season. 

A Garden recognized as one of the most important and most beautiful botanical garden in the "whole wide world"! 

A Garden normally partly opened during winter as shown on Montreal Winter Photos 2 but now closed because of a very unpleasant and very unwelcomed COVID-19.

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Winter Photos 17 by Rachel Louise Barry

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