Website Increase Visibility

Before we write our very first word and start building your website increase visibility and web traffic, relevant information need to be gathered.

We need to know what stories you would like to share, what audience you would like to reach and what benefits you would like to stress, Benefits not features that connect with emotions and desires.

First we create your personalized web page content and add your images and your contact information. Then we introduce you to our visitors and we keep talking about you in our bi-monthly e-newsletters.

Service #4 Social Media Campaigns

FOURTH Together we analyze your brand identity, create a portrait of your ideal customer, write your mission statement and determine your first specific objective. Also together, we analyze and select the social media networks that best suit your requirements and your website increase visibility and web traffic.

Next, we determine the guidelines of your series of messages and the duration in terms of weeks or months per social network and social media campaign. Then we create a series of engaging stories, start communicating with our subscribers and followers and, eventually, we start communicating and chatting with those who make comments, share their opinions, ask questions...

An example of your mission statement could very well be "to use social media to educate current and potential customers about our brand, with a focus on our store (or company or website)." Once we have your statement documented, it will be easy to build your social media campaign, one campaign and one goal at a time, to participate, to document and to analyze the results.

Building a business is a lot about building relationships and, gaining online visibility and web traffic is a lot about socializing. Something you, as a business owner already achieve when you solve daily issues and when you build customer loyalty with your experience, your knowledge, your friendly smile and your great service.

Service # 5 - Audio Visual Solutions

FIFTH Your website increase visibility and web traffic is further enhanced with our production services audiovisual. For more precise information, for a better understanding of your business, your products, your services and for further engaging each and every customers, subscribers and followers with you and your company.

Audiovisuals multimedia with compelling audiovisual stories expertly created and adequately integrated in your very own, very personalized Montreal Kits web presence. Audiovisual clips also added to our Montreal Kits social media networks, communities and conversations. 

Service # 6 Your Online Store

SIXTH For some, an online store is the future of e-commerce, for others an online store is a selling method without an inventory. For us, for Montreal Kits and for your business, our online store becomes another possibility of marketing and selling many if not all your products and services.

Marketing and selling predetermined items done by Montreal Kits, handling and shipping included in the selling price done by you and a successful and profitable collaboration for each and everyone of us.

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