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Our specialty is website increase visibility and web traffic to improve the visibility, the traffic and the revenues of your business. Visibility of your professional skills, your knowledge, your talent, your expertise or your experience. Visibility of your small or medium enterprise, your corporation, your association, your retail business...

Website increase visibility and web traffic of the professional services provided by your company. Visibility of the casual or fancy food and beverage served in your coffee shop or in your fine dining restaurant. Visibility of the electronic devices, fashion apparels and home furnishings sold in your retail store. 

"Is retail dead? The answer is unequivocally no!
Retail is not dead."

Service #1 - Personalized Web Content

FIRST We build your personalized web page using the search engines keywords that best describe your brands and the benefits they provide.

One brand at a time because there is a lot to say about each of your brand names and each of the reasons why you and team picked any of the the brand service and brand product offered by your company or your store.

Can you imagine your store or your company divided into brands? Those same brands you carefully singled out for their characteristics, their qualities and their benefits. We can, and we can also write an interesting story about each and everyone of them.  

Brand stories about the advantages, the prestige and the emotional response your brand product or brand service creates. Brand stories that stand out, internet web marketing that attracts attention and astute sales pitch that bring results.

"Less a store, more a story." (p.146). "No amount of store design, technology, product or merchandising can replace the essential bedrock of a powerful brand story." (p.147)

Service #2 - Personalized Web Page Design

SECOND Visual and emotional appeal is important and this is the reason why we carefully select with you the images to add to your web content. Images related to the brand story we just created, to you the owner, your team or your location accompanied by your contact information and logo in the right column. 

A personalized and colorful image gallery to illustrate your product, to show its many benefits, to attract your target audience and to facilitate your selling process. Your very own, very appealing image gallery, along with an interesting combination of words and images. 

Service #3 - Personalized Social Media Campaigns

THIRD Together we analyse your brand identity, create a portrait of your ideal customer, determine your mission statement, choose a specific objective, create a series of engaging content and, slowly but surely, exchange with your followers and subscribers, those who make comments often based on their opinions.

Next and together again, we analyse and select the social media networks that will bring you the specific website increase visibility and web traffic you wish to obtain. Then, we determine the guidelines of your series of messages and the duration of each of your social media campaigns in terms of weeks or months.

"Fewer "friends," but a lot more social. (...) the true power of social media (...) lies in consumers' ability to speak to one another and learn what others think of a product or service". (p.147)

An example of your mission statement could be “to use social media to educate current and potential customers about our brands, with a focus on our store (or company or website).” Once we have your statement documented, it will be easy to build your social media campaign and to analyse its results.

Building a business is a lot about building relationships. Something you, as a business owner already achieve when you solve daily issues and when you build your customer loyalty using your experience, your friendly smile and your skills.

STEPHENS, Doug - Reengineering Retail (2017)
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Author of The Retail Revival (2013)

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