Ahuntsic-Cartierville Borough - Walking Streets 1

Ahuntsic-Cartierville walking streets 1 and shopping trends where promotional activities and sidewalk sales are organized and where many different local goods and services are offered by the many different local stores.  

Fleury Street

  • between Papineau Avenue and J.-J.-Gagnier Street
  • between St-Hubert Street and Papineau Avenue
  • between Meilleur Street and St-Laurent Boulevard

Promenade Fleury

  • between St-Hubert Street and Papineau Avenue

Henri-Bourassa Boulevard

  • between Meilleur Street and Lajeunesse Street

Lajeunesse Street

  • between Crémazie Boulevard and Frémont Street
  • between de Port-Royal Street and Gouin Boulevard

De Salaberry Street

  • between Laurentien Boulevard and Poincaré Street

Gouin Boulevard East

  • between Laurentien Boulevard and Fréchette Street

Anjou Borough - Walking Streets 2

In Anjou, the commercial street culture and shopping is composed of a regional shopping center that first contributed to the development of a series of office buildings and large and small retail stores followed by a busy public market with its many commercial establishments such as gardeners, retailers, restaurants...

Cote-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grace Borough -
Walking Streets 3

de la Côte-des-Neiges Road

  • between de la Côte-Ste-Catherine Road and du Frère- André Street
  • parts of Lacombe, Gatineau and Swail Avenues

Darlington Avenue

  • between Bates Road and Van Horne Avenue

Décarie Boulevard

  • between de la Côte-St-Antoine Road and the limits of the City of Mount-Royal

Jean-Talon Street

  • between Décarie Boulevard and de Dieppe Avenue

Monkland Avenue

  • between Girouard Avenue and Grand Boulevard

Queen Mary Road

  • between Ponsard Avenue and Clanranald Avenue

Saint-Jacques Street

  • between Décarie Boulevard and Elmhurst Avenue

Sherbrooke West Street

  • between Grey Avenue and Cavendish Boulevard

Somerled Avenue

  • between Grand Boulevard and Walkley Avenue

Upper-Lachine Road

  • between Girouard Avenue and St-Jacques Street

Van Horne Avenue

  • betweenLemieux Street and Lavoie Street

Victoria Avenue

  • between Jean-Talon Street and Édouard-Montpetit Boulevard

Lachine Borough - Walking Streets 4

In Lachine, most of the commercial street culture and shopping activities take place on seven main commercial axes and clusters where hundreds of businesses are concentrated.

The axis formed by the 32nd Remembrance Street, Victoria Street and 28th Avenue is the most attractive. An axis home to the Galeries Lachine shopping centre and to many service, merchandising, manufacturing and a few other types of businesses.

The historic Notre-Dame Street in downtown Lachine is home to a rather large number of restaurants and bistros and to an interesting assortment of businesses 

St-Joseph boulevard is located in the heart of the cultural district of Lachine and is home to some 20 businesses while Provost Street is home to some 60 businesses. St-Jacques Street and 45th Avenue are also among the local commercial areas.

LaSalle Borough - Walking Streets 5

Dollard Avenue

  • between Newman Boulevard and De la Vérendrye Boulevard

Newman Boulevard

  • between Angrignon Boulevard and Dollard Avenue

Le Plateau-Mont-Royal Borough - Walking Streets 6

Bernard Street

  • between St-Laurent Boulevard and Hutchison Street

Duluth Street

  • between St-Urbain Street and St-Hubert Street

Du Parc Avenue

  • between Sherbrooke Street and Léo-Parizeau Street
  • between Mont-Royal West Avenue and Van Horne Avenue

Laurier Avenue

  • between St-Laurent Boulevard and Hutchison Street
  • between de Brébeuf Street and Papineau Avenue

Mont-Royal Avenue

  • between du Parc Avenue and d'Iberville Street

Papineau Avenue

  • between Rachel East Street and St-Grégoire Street

Prince-Arthur Street

  • between Clark Street and Laval Avenue

Rachel Street

  • between St-Denis Street and du Parc-La Fontaine Avenue

Saint-Denis Street

  • between Sherbrooke East Street and Laurier East Avenue

Saint-Laurent Boulevard

  • between Sherbrooke Street and Van Horne Avenue

Fairmount Street

  • between St-Laurent Boulevard and Hutchison Street

St-Viateur Street

  • between de Gaspé Street and du Parc Avenue

Roy Street

  • between St-Laurent Boulevard and du Parc-La Fontaine Avenue

Le Sud-Ouest Borough - Walking Streets 7

Hundred of shops are located on Monk Boulevard in the Émard and Côte-Saint-Paul surroundings. A commercial street located near the Monk metro station, the bike path along the Lachine Canal and the 15 and 20 Ville-Marie highways.

The rue Centre is located in the middle of the Pointe-Saint-Charles area. A commercial street that offers a variety of products and services that reveal the origin of some of the local residents.

Rue Notre-Dame is located in the South-West of the borough in the Saint-Henri, Little Burgundy and Griffintown areas and its many shops are easily accessible from the Place-Saint-Henri and the Lionel-Groulx metro stations. 

L'Île-Bizard-Sainte-Genevieve Borough - Walking Streets 8

Each of the two shopping centers located in L'Île-Bizard-Sainte-Geneviève offer various products and services to the residents of the borough.

Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve Borough - Walking Streets 8

Beaubien Street

  • from d'Albany to Mignault Streets

Hochelaga Street

  • from Curatteau to Taillon Streets
  • from Dickson to Du Quesne Streets

Ontario Street

  • from Darling Street to Pie-IX Boulevard
  • from Moreau to Darling Streets
  • from Pie-IX Boulevard to Bennett Avenue

Ste-Catherine Street

  • from Bourbonnière Avenue to Viau Street
  • from Moreau Street to Bourbonnière Avenue

Sherbrooke Street

  • from Baldwin to Aubry Streets
  • from Viau Street to Highway 25

Montreal-Nord Borough - Walking Streets 10

Montréal-Nord is home to three important commercial street culture and shopping, Charleroi, Fleury East and Monselet Streets. Also located in the borough are three major commercial areas situated on Pie IX, Léger and Henri-Bourassa East boulevards. 

Among the major shopping centers serving the local residents, the Bourassa Plaza, the Smart Center and the Forest Shopping Center are among the favorite. Montréal-Nord is also home to several commercial areas including the Desy Plaza on Henri-Bourassa boulevard and the Léger Mall on Léger boulevard.

Outremont Borough - Walking Strets 11

Although Outremont is a predominantly a residential neighborhood, the borough does offer three commercial streets to its residents, along with a few other commercial areas.

Professional offices are established on Bernard Street and on Laurier and Van Horne Avenues as well as various types of small shops and restaurants and small businesses specialised in emerging technologies and media industries.

Pierrefonds-Roxboro Borough - Walking Streets 12

The commercial street culture and shopping of  Pierrefonds-Roxboro and its many business establishments are mostly related to transport and warehousing, professional services and retail trade.

Rivière-des-Prairies-Pointe-aux-Trembles Borough - Walking Streets 13

Sherbrooke Street East

  • Commercial segments from Marien Avenue to the tip of the Island.

Maurice-Duplessis Boulevard East

  • Commercial segments fro Highway 25 to Rivière-des-Prairies Boulevard.

St-Jean-Baptiste Boulevard

  • between René-Lévesque and De Montigny Streets
  • between Sherbrooke Street and Highway 40

Notre-Dame Street East

  • between 1st and 13th Avenues

Henri-Bourassa Boulevard East

  • from around Highway 25 to Marco-Polo Avenue and 54th to 64th Avenues.

André-Ampère Avenue

  • between Copernic and the 25th Avenue

Rivière-des-Prairies Boulevard

  • between Henri-Bourassa and Maurice-Duplessis Boulevard East

Rodolphe-Forget Boulevard

  • between Louis-Dessaules Avenue and Perras Boulevard

Walking Streets 14 - Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie Borough

Beaubien Street

  • between St-Laurent Boulevard and St-Denis Street
  • between Papineau Avenue and Boyer Street
  • between 35th and 41st Avenue

Papineau Street

  • between des Carrières and St-Zotique Streets

Beaubien Street

  • between St-Laurent Boulevard and St-Denis Street

Bélanger Street

  • between Garnier Street and St-Michel Boulevard

Masson Street

  • between d'Iberville and 12th Avenue

St-Hubert Street

  • between Bellechasse and Jean-Talon Streets

La Petite Italie

  • The quandrangal formed by St-Laurent Boulevard and Jean-Talon, Drolet and St-Zotique Streets.

Saint-Laurent Borough - Walking Streets 15

The Poirier Street and the Côte-Vertu, Décarie and Marcel-Laurent Boulevards each play an important role in the commercial street culture and shopping of the St-Laurent borough. Commercial streets and small commercial areas that each offer various types of businesses including fancy boutiques, exclusive restaurants and major department stores.

Saint-Leonard Borough - Walking Streets 16

Jean-Talon Street East

  • between Viau Boulevard and de la Villanelle Street

Verdun Borough - Walking Streets 17

In Verdun, the commercial street culture is composed of more than 250 retail businesses and professional offices scattered on 13 streets and many areas. A commercial street culture and shopping that definitely needs to be disvovered by foot, wallet or camera in hand. 

Ville-Marie Borough - Walking Streets 18

St-Laurent Boulevard

  • between René-Lévesque Boulevard and Sherbrooke Street

Jacques-Cartier Square

  • between de la Commune and Notre-Dame Streets

Amherst Street

  • between René-Lévesque Boulevard and Ontario Street

Bishop Street

  • between  René-Lévesque Boulevard and Sherbrooke Street

Crescent Street

  • between René-Lévesque Boulevard and Sherbrooke Street

Émery Street

  • between Sanguinet and St-Denis Streets

McGill Street

  • between de la Commune and St-Antoine Streets

de la Montagne Street

  • between de Maisonneuve Boulevard and Sherbrooke Street

Notre-Dame Street West

  • between McGill Street and St-Laurent Boulevard

Ontario Street East

  • between Sanguinet and L'Espérance Streets

Peel Street

  • between René-Lévesque Boulevard and Sherbrooke Street

St-Denis Street

  • between René-Lévesque Boulevard and Sherbrooke Street

St-Paul Street

  • between McGill and de Bonsecours Streets

 Ste-Catherine Street East

  • between Berri and Cartier Streets

Ste-Catherine Street West

  • between Atwater Avenue and Berri Street

Sherbrooke Street West

  • between Guy and Peel Streets

St-Laurent Boulevard

  • between René-Lévesque Boulevard and Viger Street

Clark Street

  • between René-Lévesque Boulevard and Viger Street

La Gauchetière Street West

  • between Côté and St-Dominique Streets

St-Urbain Steet

  • between René-Lévesque Boulevard and Viger Street

Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension Borough - Walking Streets 19

Jarry Street

  • between d'Iberville Street and Pie-IX Boulevard
  • between St-Laurent Boulevard and d'Iberville Street

Jean-Talon Street

  • between de L'Acadie Boulevard and Hutchison Street
  • betweem Papineau and de Lorimier Avenues

St-Hubert Street

  • between Jean-Talon and du Rosaire Streets

St-Michel Boulevard

  • between Crémazie Boulevard amd the Railway Tracks

Villeray Street

  • between St-Laurent Boulevard and Papineau Avenue

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