Visibility and Web Traffic

Greater visibility and web traffic to improve your revenues. 

Visibility of the services provided by your repair shop. Visibility of the casual or fancy food and beverage served in your coffee shop or in your fine dining restaurant.

Visibility of the electronic devices, fashion apparel and home furnishings sold in your retail store. Visibility of your professional skills and of the expertise and advice you provide.

Websites Visibility Online

FIRST we need to know who is your ideal customer. What are his or her needs? How can we solve his or her problems or meet his or her desires? What do people, customers, prospects need to know about each of your most popular service and product?

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Before we write our very first word and start building your Montreal Club Kit greater visibility and web traffic, relevant information need to be gathered. We need to know what information you would like to share and what benefits you would like to stress, mostly because benefits, not features connect with the emotions and the desires of your customers.

Important Online Visibility

SECOND we start building your online relationships with a web page and/or a blog page along with your contact information and photos of you and your establishment. A Montreal Club Kit e-visibility about specific information, genuine expertise and authentic credibility of your retail business or service company.

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Building a business is a lot about building relationships. Something you, as a business owner achieve when you solve all kinds of issues and build customer loyalty using your friendly smile and customer service skills.

Improving Your Online Visibility

THIRD we build personalized Montreal Club Kit social media campaigns using a specific and personalized assortment of online platforms and tools. We tell our social media subscribers about you, we share your latest news and stories, we answer their questions, we respond to their feedbacks, we add follow-up comments and we keep you informed.

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Personalized social media campaigns using our Montreal Club Kit most relevant social media network. Personalized goals such as building your email marketing lists, increasing your traffic both online and offline, maximizing your brand recognition, driving sales, getting feedback, addressing critiques, reinforcing positive interactions... You decide, we do.

More Visibility Means More Sales

FOURTH your e-visibility is enhanced with exclusive and personalized promotional newsletters to each of our Montreal Club Kit subscribers. Compelling email newsletter services with information about your products, your services and your special features. Irresistible emails about your brand and about all the many aspects of your company, your products and your services.

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Campaign newsletters sent on a regular basis to keep all our subscribers and yours up to date with everything new or recent about you, your company and your products and services. By selecting the right content, we keep both our audiences informed about your new products, promotional offers, participation in exhibitions, conferences, forums...

Greater Visibility and Web Traffic

FIFTH your e-visibility is further enhanced with the use of various types of professional audio-visual materials including professional videos. Relevant audio visual elements and a photo gallery properly incorporated in your very own Montreal Kits and social media content.

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Montreal Club Kit optimizes your web content, takes care of all your updates, deals with your online management, reduces your operational costs and meets your security requirements. It also helps you achieve greater visibility and web traffic on Google, Yahoo! and Bing, the three most popular search engines.


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Visibility and Web Traffic by Rachel Louise Barry