Third Montreal Employment

A third Montreal employment guide with information about employment jobs provided by the Government of Canada - National Occupation Classification and by Emploi Quebec - Information sur le marché du travail, both available in French as well as in English.

City of Montreal

  1. Health Care and Social Assistance - NAICS 62
  2. Professional, Scientific and Technical Services - NAICS 54
  3. Retail Trade - NAICS 44-45
  4. Manufacturing - NAICS 31-33

Profil économique - Ville de Montréal

Island of Montreal

  1. Health Care and Social Assistance - NAICS 62
  2. Manufacturing - NAICS 31-33
  3. Professional, Scientific and Technical Services - NAICS 54
  4. Retail Trade - NAICS 44-45

A guide accompanied by an Economic Career Profile with interesting employment jobs and information related to our Retail Trade - NAICS 44-45 sector and an industry that ranks third in the City of Montreal, and fourth on the Island of Montreal.

Third Montreal Employment Jobs

Retail Trade - NAICS 44-45

Emploi Québec - Information sur le marché du travail

Annual employment income in the Montreal region in 2015 - $33,000

  • NAICS 44-45 - Retail Trade

Hourly Wages in the province of Quebec in 2017

Minimum $11.00

Median $14.50

Maximum $28.50

Government of Canada - Labour Market Information

  • National Occupation Classification - NOC 2016 Version

NOC 6421 - Retail salespersons

NOC 0621 - Retail and wholesale trade managers

NOC 6611 - Cashiers

NOC 6622 - Store shelf stockers, clerks and order fillers

NOC 6211 - Retail sales supervisors 

NOC 1521 - Shippers and receivers

NOC 3219 - Other medical technologists and technicians (except dental health)

NOC 6552 - Other customer and information services representatives

NOC 3131 - Pharmacists

NOC 6331 - Butchers, meat cutters and fishmongers - retail and wholesale

NOC 7452 - Material handlers

NOC 7321 - Automotive service technicians, truck and bus mechanics and mechanical repairers

NOC 0015 - Senior managers - trade, broadcasting and other services

The Retail Trade - NAICS 44-45 sector is composed of establishments engaged in retailing merchandise, that is in selling merchandise and in providing buyers with the services related to the products that are sold.  

The visual display is an important part of the retail trade and design because the selection, the packaging and the pricing of the products must interest and must encourage the consumers to buy.

Retailers are either store or non-store. 

Stores such as computer and software stores, electrical supplies stores, gasoline stations, office supplies store and plumbing supplies stores. Store retailers sell building material dealers. Catalogue sales showrooms, gasoline service stations and mobile home dealers are also store retailers. 

To reach their customers, non-store retailers use methods such as broadcasting and publishing direct-response advertising, broadcasting infomercials, door-to-door solicitation, distribution by vending machines, in-home demonstration, publishing of traditional and electronic catalogues and temporary displaying of merchandise (stalls).

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Third Montreal Employment Jobs by Rachel Louise Barry