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A plaza is described as on open urban space and our Plaza Saint-Hubert is described as one of our major commercial street. 

In 1954, a group of merchants decided to create a merchant's association that eventually led to the inauguration of the Plaza Saint-Hubert in 1959. 

The prosperity of the Plaza Saint-Hubert remained strong throughout the seventies. In 1973, the Plaza introduced its annual sidewalk sale, the very first in the whole province of Québec.

In the 1980s, the Plaza was host to over 400 shops, stores and services providers and, in 1984, the City of Montreal tried an urban design experience and outfitted the Plaza St-Hubert with an impressive glass canopy over its two sidewalks.

A Plaza Saint-Hubert that was then known for its vast concentration of wedding clothes, shoes, jewelry, furniture and accessories. A Plaza that also offered a large variety of restaurants, bars and cafes.  

Nowadays, la Plaza se transforme. The Plaza Saint-Hubert between Jean-Talon and Bellechasse streets is being modernized but, and this is important for all those who love to shop on the Plaza, the area will retain its distinctive character. 

550x414Photo Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir - La rue Saint-Hubert en rénovation...

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Summer Photos 8 by Rachel Louise Barry

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