Montreal Summer Photos 7

Montreal is presently spending hundreds of millions of dollars fixing water mains and roads, while construction crews working for the provincial government are tearing up and repaving major highways.

There are many Montreal areas to watch out for, with a record number of road construction projects and a rather large number of major construction sites on the Island of Montreal.

Among them, many are under the responsitibily of the City of Montreal with some that are ahead of schedule because of a dry summer. Then again, officials do need to do a better job communicating.

Then again, the city wants to thank Montrealers because many choose to travel with public transit but, there are still too many single occupant vehicles. 

We all have a role to play and some of the things that can be done are just common sense. Work in progress - Building Sites - City of Montreal and Boroughs

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Summer Photos 7
 by Rachel Louise Barry

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