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Montreal Summer Photos 13

Summer photos 13 that, according to Statistics Canada...

550x490Montreal Dwellings - Photo RLB

A single-detached house is a "single dwelling not attached to any other dwelling or structure (except its own garage or shed). A single-detached house has open space on all sides, and has no dwellings either above it or below it. A mobile home fixed permanently to a foundation is also classified as a single-detached house."

550x433Montreal Dwellings - Photo RLB
550X548Montreal Dwellings - Photo RLB

A semi-detached house is "one of two dwellings attached side by side (or back to back) to each other, but not attached to any other dwelling or structure (except its own garage or shed). A semi-detached dwelling has no dwellings either above it or below it, and the two units together have open space on all sides."

550x559Montreal Dwellings - Photo RLB

A row house is "one of three or more dwellings joined side by side (or occasionally side to back), such as a townhouse or garden home, but not having any other dwellings either above or below. Townhouses attached to a high-rise building are also classified as row houses."

550x539Montreal Dwellings - Photo RLB

An apartment or flat in a duplex is "one of two dwellings, located one above the other, may or may not be attached to other dwellings or buildings."

550x565Montreal Dwellings - Photo RLB
550x590Montreal Dwellings - Photo RLB
550x592Montreal Dwellings - Photo RLB

An apartment in a building that has five or more storeys is a "dwelling unit in a high-rise apartment building which has five or more storeys."

550x475Montreal Dwellings - Photo RLB

An apartment in a building that has fewer than five storeys is a "dwelling unit attached to other dwelling units, commercial units, or other non-residential space in a building that has fewer than five storeys.

550x499Montreal Dwellings - Photo RLB

Other single-attached house is a "single dwelling that is attached to another building and that does not fall into any of the other categories, such as a single dwelling attached to a non-residential structure (e.g., a store or a church) or occasionally to another residential structure (e.g., an apartment building)."

550x413Montreal Dwellings - Photo RLB

A mobile home is a "single dwelling, designed and constructed to be transported on its own chassis and capable of being moved to a new location on short notice. It may be placed temporarily on a foundation pad and may be covered by a skirt."

550x422Montreal Dwellings - Photo RLB

Other movable dwelling such as a "single dwelling, other than a mobile home, used as a place of residence, but capable of being moved on short notice, such as a tent, recreational vehicle, travel trailer, houseboat or floating home."

550x413Montreal Dwellings - Photo RLB
550x402Montreal Dwellings - Photo RLB
550x739Montreal Dwellings - Photo RLB

Montreal TOURISM Kit
Summer Photos 13 by Rachel Louise Barry

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