Montreal Summer Photos 12

The George-Étienne-Cartier Square and Park surrounded by St-Henri and St-Ambroise streets, close to the St-Remi tunnel.

The construction of the Sir George-Étienne Cartier Square was an election promise made by Hormidas Laporte who also promised to annex the city of St-Henri to the city of Montreal because of its growing population and heavy debt load. 

Hormidas Laporte became mayor of the city of Montreal and kept his promises. The annexation of St-Henri to Montreal occurred in 1905 and the George-Étienne-Cartier Square was built in 1912.

A Square built on the site of the former Dominion Abattoir & Stock Yards Company, an important factory and slaughterhouse located on an area destroyed by a fire in 1902.

Restored in 2003, the components of the fountain of the George-Étienne-Cartier Square were ordered by catalog from an American company called Mott Iron Works.

The houses built around the Square all had to have a facade made out of stones or decorative bricks.

Needless to say that the prohibitive costs of such a requirement resulted in excluding the blue collar workers from the possibility of building a house around the park.

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Summer Photos 12 by Rachel Louise Barry

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