Spirituality and Religion

Freedom of spirituality and religion in Canada probably originated as early as 1759. A long evolution of our religion beliefs, along with our freedom of religion from one generation to another that are now taking us to new and contrasting avenues. 

A large number of Montrealers no longer have religion beliefs and, different types of religion such as the religion of Islam, the Buddhism religion, Hindu religion and Sikh religion are more present and more often seen in our church landscape. 

Spirituality Alternative Beliefs

The evolution of our spirituality and religion from one generation to another is taking new and contrasting avenues, largely because of our cultural diversity and the absence of religious affiliations by many of us. 

Secularism is the absence of religious involvement in government affairs as well as the absence of government involvement in religious affairs. In political terms, secularism is the separation of religion and politics.

A secular government is non-religious, but not anti-religious. A cultural evolution that now favours the secularism of our institutions with respect to each of our religions and spiritualities.

In Canada, our freedom of religion is protected by the Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms and by the Canadian Human Rights Act. In Québec Bill 21 is now a secularism legislation that bans the wearing of religious symbols by certain public servants in positions of authority.

Our Church Attendance

Our personal religion and spirituality evolved over the years. Nowadays, some of us do feel part of a religion and culture but choose not to participate to its rituals. Others chose their own religion or simply reject any religious counseling.

Our parishes are abolished or merged, our churches are leased, sold or shared with other churches and our approach to our society and culture religion reflects a more contemporary socio-cultural evolution.

Catholic Church Architecture

Then again, our Montreal religion beliefs keep shining through our church architecture and through. A church architecture that shines through a series of dynamic lines, assorted shapes and symbolic forms our society has created over the years. 

Raising up churches, basilics and cathedrals relies upon capital, labor and technology while church interior design relies upon creativity, craftmanship and skills.

Our church architecture with its impressive structures, glorious church interior design, ornamented church floor plans, majestic ceilings, stained glass church windows and other rich ornaments such as church bells continue to offer an abundance of authentic qualities and beauties. 

Church Building Designs

A church is either a building or the body of Christ. A basilica is a large and important church and a cathedral is the largest and most impressive church of a diocese.

An archbishop is a bishop of higher rank and an archdiocese is a larger and more important diocese. A diocese is a district divided into parishes. The diocese is under the authority of a diocesan bishop, while the parish is under the pastoral care of a parish priest.

Our Spirituality and Religion Beliefs

The spirituality, the "sacred" is related to religion beliefs and religion beliefs are related to the religion symbols and tangible images or objects that express our mystical and spiritual beliefs.

Montrealers may not be attending organized religious services as ofthen as the used to, but this does not necessarily mean they are less spiritual.

To get a more complete and more precise picture of Montreal religion beliefs, one must compare our public religious behaviour such as our attendance to religious services to our private religious behaviour such as praying, meditating, worshipping or reading the sacred texts.

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Spirituality and Religion by Rachel Louise Barry