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Montreal Kits social network marketing and analysis went through a search process, comparison process, evaluation process, pondering process and decision process. Choosing the right social media platform is a lot about choosing the right purpose and the right social media marketing.

According to local specialists, industries such as Real Estate, Human Resources and Recruiting, B2C Retail, Technology, Legal, Manufacturing, Science and Engineering and B2B Consulting are best suited for social network marketing. 

Popular social media campaigns with goals such as 1) brand awareness 2) more traffic 3) new leads 4) more sales 5) brand perception 6) loyalty and 7) recommendations. Campaigns to build many different communities, to reply to each and every visitors and customers accordingly and to simply chat. 

Facebook is about being more open and more connected and LinkedIn is a social media specifically designed for the business community.

Pinterest is about article pins, product pins, service pins, location pins, Twitter is about brand awareness and sales. Instagram is about viewing pictures and publishing stories. YouTube is about videos to teach and to entertain and Tumblr is about blogging and networking.

Advantages of Social Media Networks

According to our social network analysis, Facebook is the leader in Canada, USA, France and Worldwide, followed by Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube and Tumblr.  

Facebook is best for building brand loyalty but it takes a solid content strategy to reach buyers. Facebook has a large population with nearly every types of audience. Reaching a specific target audience with a particular content is nearly impossible.

LinkedIn on the other hand is about doing business and finding business opportunities. The perfect tool to locate those who may contribute to your business and an opportunity to communicate and collaborate with other professionals interested in sharing business and industry knowledge. 

Pinterest is about visual information. An image based network where people are seeking new ideas and new products to buy. The right series of pins to inform about emergent trends and to drive significant traffic and sales.

Twitter is about public relations. Twitter is for people who follow SMEs and who plan to purchase the brands they follow. Something they eventually do because Twitter helps provide customer service and improve social media audience.

Benefits of Social Media Networks

Instagram is mostly about learning what people like, reaching new audiences, connecting with customers and generating sales. Instagram is also a lot about "Fill your business feed with content you love and follow businesses you really like". 

YouTube is designed for sharing videos. It is also about brand awareness and about the service industry. Video series to teach and to entertain and video sharing to reach a target market and to appeal to subscribers.

Tumblr is a blogging platform and a social networking service where users can create and post original content. The plattform is popular among the 18-to-29 year old bracket and approximatelyy 33% of users are parents.

Marketing on Social Media Networks

Also important is the Alexa ranking that indicates the popularity of a website. 

An Alexa ranking is considered a relevant and important metric by webmasters and users. Websites with a high Alexa ranking tend to attract more advertisers and to be more profitable.

A high Alexa rank means your site has more traffic. There's nothing more to it. In terms of comparisons, Alexa high ranking means Google being #1, YouTube #2 and Facebook #3,

All About Social Network Marketing

The greater the interaction between social media and companies, the more interested and loyal customers are.

Properly managed, social media audience help build brand satisfaction, strong relationships and loyalty. Your customers are on social media and so is your competition.

Then again, without constant and proper management, negative publicity can go viral and can damage a reputation. The risk of negative publicity is always present. Negative comments that can go viral and that can become difficult to manage. A social network marketing that tends to be time consuming.

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