Social Network Analysis

A Montreal Kits social network analysis that ended up being rather easy to do. Montreal Kits is about Montreal and Montrealers and Montreal Kits social network analysis is about analyzing social media trends, creating a Montreal Kits social media presence, writing social media stories and getting social network results.

First, our Canadian Official Languages Act of 1969 gives equal status to French and to English. Second, the four top countries that visit our site on a regular basis are United States, France, Canada and Great Britain in that order. Third, the most popular social medias in each country are the same, except for a very slight difference. Something we definitely did not expect.

Social Media Buttons

StatCounter is a free online visitor stats tool with an Alexa Traffic rank in the 3,000 range, a US rank in the 1,000 range and more than 300,000 sites linking in.

According to their Global Stats section, as of November 2019, the most popular social medias in Canada, United States, France, Great Britain and Worldwide are Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr with very, very few differences in their order of popularity

  • Facebook about making the world more open and connected.
  • Pinterest about article pins, location pins, products pins, services pins.

  • Twitter about brand awareness and sales.

  • Instagram about viewing and publishing stories.
  • YouTube about videos to teach and to entertain.

  • Tumblr about micro blogging and social networking.

Social Media Facts

Marketing on social networks is a lot about goals and about visibility. Goals such as increased visibility of new products, new services, new customers, new markets, new audiences, effective communication, interesting relationships, brand awareness, more sales...

Successful social media campaigns to increase brand recognition and inbound traffic, to improve brand loyalty and search engine rankings, to target the ideal consumers, to reach specific audiences and to gain old and new customers' insights. 

Montreal Kits, on the other hand, is a lot about promoting our Montreal business, culture, professionals, tourism, shopping, urban life and global activities. A series of kits about Montrealers and about our City and our Island.

More on Social Network Analysis

According to a researcher on social media, social media messages can be divided into four types 1) status or text only 2) links to sites 3) embedded videos and 4) photos. The study then revealed that status and photos receive more comments and more likes.

Social medias messages can also be categorized into two types, sales and marketing (two-thirds of all messages) and conversational messages. Based on the number of likes and comments, conversational messages are endorsed by more social media users.

Finally, the most popular keywords include information about an industry, a company, a product or a service while the less popular messages are those that contain marketing-related keywords such as online marketing, content marketing, email marketing...

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Social Network Analysis by Rachel Louise Barry