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SBI! Site Build It Business used to be called Site Build It! but now it's called Solo Build It! For what reason? I don't know, but as far as I'm concerned, Site Build It and Solo Build It go together. I'm building a site, I'm working solo and I'll probably work with a small team eventually.

Tons of good and bad comments appear when SBI or Site Build It or Solo Build It is Googled. Some are good, some are bad but, as far as I'm concerned, SBI! is neither good or bad. SBI! is not perfect but it works, and that's all there is to it.

DAY 5. Refine Your Site Concept And Register Your Domain

DAY 5 is about defining your (my):

  • Thumbnail is related to everybody including tourists, immigrants, professionals, business people, buyers, sellers, students from all over the world interested in the City and the Island of Montreal. 
  • Site design is colorful, sober, elegant, pleasant to look at and well structured. 
  • Voice is friendly, professional, informative, descriptive and practical. Deep knowledge and the use of as many profitable keywords as possible are peremptory.

Solo Build It!

  • Content covers and explains "something" about each of the 60,000 or so companies established on the Island of Montreal. Photos and videos of good quality as well as contact information of each of the participating companies are always included.
  • VPP positioning starts with the word KIT. A kit is a set of "things" needed for a specific purpose while Montreal Kits is a set of "detailed information, popular facts, precise realities and interesting clues about Montreal and Montrealers".
  • Monetization model is at least one web page and one blog page bought by each of the 60,000 or so companies established on the Island of Montreal. 
  • Pages that are subsequently followed by personalized services such as social media campaigns, regular newsletters, international trade of goods and services along with international contacts and relations.

Business With My Site Build It!

DAY 6. Build a Site That Gets the Click

On DAY 6 I created my site's design with the help of Maxime, a talented local graphic artist, although he still hasn't designed a banner for Montreal GLOBAL Kit. Maxime, I'm waiting!

I reviewed my site structure, made sure my pages are easy to read and built two site maps, one with all my pages listed in alphabetical order and another divided into my eight sections or Kits.  

DAY 6 is a big DAY and an even bigger accomplishment! DAY 6 is the beginning of what will become an OVER delivering niche-based content loved by the search engines and by my many visitors!

DAY 7. Build Free Traffic From a Variety of Sources

On DAY 7 targeted traffic is attracted by various activities including publishing high-value content pages. That part is DONE even if it's a never-ending activity.

Being accessible from desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones. DONE. Establishing the presence of Montreal Kits in the search engines. DONE. Creating and engaging a social media presence. NOT YET but soon.

Success with My Site Build It Business

DAY 8. Develop Relationships - Deepen PREselling

This is my very important next step. Can't procrastinate that part anymore. I am a very social person, I am a very social... I am a very... I am a... I am... I... DONE.

DAY 8 is about building a personal social network with visitors and influencers who will help deepen the trust and the credibility of each of my Montreal Kits. Achieving this important goal is like becoming a knowledgeable friend making a recommendation.

Something that will definitely be a very interesting and a very profitable achievement. 

9. Know Your Visitors

DAY 9 is a fun part. Many different tools for testing websites are available on the Web. Some are always free and others are free for a certain number of tests. 

I recently used some of these tools to evaluate potential customers. If their website is properly built, then the company doesn't need my services. Being a MY Site Build It subscriber for many years, I definitely know what to look for. 

If there are flaws such as a non https:// secure site, very few Google and Facebook reviews, no recent updates, very few words per page, no home page description, no HTTP 404 page, no GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation, in French only... then I might be able to convince some (many) companies to join Montreal Kits.

A site build it business and a very challenging, very rewarding endeavour.

Solo Build It!

10. Monetize Your Site Build It Business

On DAY 10 I determine whether my website is ready for monetization and if it's time to turn traffic into income. According to SBI! with MY Site Build It, "I sell something my customers genuinely need or want". Definitively, I just proved it on DAY 9.

So... let's go, let's do it, let's work on my (your) Site Build It Business.

Montréal Kits

Site Build It Business by Rachel Louise Barry

The Process, The Tools, The Guidance & Support

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