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Shopping Essentials

Shopping essentials such as the right kinds of packages, certified mail labels and envelopes, branded shipping material, package fillers, miscellaneous office and business shipping supplies. Everything a seller needs to ship all kinds of essentials. 

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Blanket Purchase Orders

It is not uncommon for companies to regularly order the same product, the same quantity and at the same price. When this the case, a blanket purchase order can and does facilitate the buying and selling process of each parties.

A purchase order between a company and a supplier or, a blanket purchase order to take advantage of predetermined pricing and to schedule multiple delivery dates over a specific period of time. 

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Catering and Entertainment

Catering and entertainment, goods and services consumed on site. Bars, bowling alleys, restaurants and sports clubs that each create fun and games and traffic on local commercial streets and in many different neighborhoods.  

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Contract Purchase Orders

A contract purchase order is a formal version of the planned purchase order explained further below. A contract that lists the number of items a company wishes to buy and the prices the seller wishes to offer. 

Then, agreements to make sure that no misunderstandings occur and that each side lives to its promises. A buyer and a supplier who negotiated the terms of a contract and a fair compromise that gives both sides the best possible results.

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Everyday Purchase Orders

Everyday shopping essentials and purchase orders such as goods and services that a consumer is accustomed to buy frequently, quickly and with minimal efforts.

Stores and services such as food stores, pharmacies, gas stations, convenience stores, banks and video clubs along with convenient commercial streets and areas. 

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Frequent Purchase Orders

Goods and services bought frequently but not on impulse. Frequent purchases that create pedestrian traffic on commercial streets and that increase shopping and window shopping.

Stores that sell CDs and DVDs, clothes, shoes, hardware and business establishments that offer commercial services such as beauty salons, hair salons, shoemakers and cleaning services.

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Planned Purchase Orders

Planned purchases such as goods and services consumers buy occasionally and that, for the most part, require larger investments.

Consumers who compare products and services according to specific criteria such as price, practicality, quality and style. Smart purchases in computer hardware stores, furniture stores, jewelry stores, pet stores, sporting goods stores ...

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Public Services and Institutions

Public services, institutions and establishments open to the general public and usually administered by public authorities.

Public services such as churches, schools, tourist information sites, town halls, non-profit organizations and provincial and federal administrations rendered in the public interest. 

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Smart Purchase Orders

Smart purchases are goods and services consumers buy occasionally, mostly because large investments are required.

Products and services consumers and buyers analyse and compare according to criteria such as price, practicality, quality and style.

Distance is not important and many visits to furniture stores, hardware stores, jewelry stores, pet stores, sporting goods stores are common.

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Standard Purchase Orders

Standard purchase orders are for irregular and occasional acquisitions. Standard orders with a complete set of specifications, prices, quantities and time frames for payments and deliveries.  

Standard purchase orders are typically used for irregular, infrequent or one-off acquisitions when all kinds of specific needs such as running low on printer paper arise.

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