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Not all rating hotel deals have a concierge but when they do, he or she can be very helpful. Concierges can improve your stay and make it very special. If you have not been able to get a good tee time or a reservation at a new and trendy restaurant, the hotel concierge will probably make it happen. 

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Concierges work for tips and, since they can and do provide a rather large variety of services, standard tipping guidelines are not the best solution. As a whole, simple requests can be rewarded with standard or regular tips while more elaborate and complex requests should be rewarded accordingly and thankfully. 

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Customer Service Skills

If you have a problem...

  • Remain calm and keep it business like.
  • Do not, repeat, do not play the "big shot" game.
  • If you have a satisfactory solution to your problem, suggest it.
  • Do not make it a personal attack against the person who is trying to help you. 
  • Allow for a reasonable response time considering the nature of the problem.
  • Speak with the front desk, explain the problem and politely ask how and when it will be fixed.
  • Calmly explain your situation to the supervisor and allow him or her time to fix the problem.
  • If you are not comfortable with the person you are dealing with, if you feel he or she is not helpful, ask to see the supervisor.
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Check Out Time

  • Open all the drawers.
  • Search your room completely.
  • Unroll the sheets and comforters.
  • Your shoes might be hiding under the bed.
  • Your bathrobe might be hiding behind the bathroom door.
  • Check your balcony for swimsuits you left out there to dry.
  • Sign your bill. 
  • Watch your luggage.
  • Turn in your room key. 
  • Make sure your memberships were given proper credit.
  • Verify that the charges are being on the proper credit card.
  • Make sure you have removed all your items from the hotel safe. 
  • Check your bill and make sure all charges and discounts are applied. 
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Remember to tip the bellboys if they have brought down your luggage, the concierge if you took advantage of his or her services and the shuttle driver if you use the shuttle back to the airport.

Hotel Tips

When you stay at a hotel, are you always paying for services you did not use or did not ask for or, are you looking for services they do not offer?

Some research and some planning can and does help find the right hotel and the right room in a hotel that best suits your specific needs and particular requirements.

Simply become an informed traveler and find the perfect hotel and the perfect room so you can enjoy a safe, healthy, economical and pleasant stay with the perfect rating hotel deals, those that best suit you. 

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