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Art Pictures

A list of our Le Plateau Mont-Royal art pictures for you to discover and appreciate, along with a few information about our bike paths and our bicycle sharing system called BIXI Montréal.

You may also be interested by our Inventaire de la collection municipale d'art public where you will find a few information such as the location of each public art in each borough including those located in Le Plateau Mont-Royal.

Metro Art in Montreal
Mont-Royal Public Art Pictures - Orange Line

Mont-Royal Metro Station
Le Plateau Mont-Royal Borough
Vertical Bands (1966)

About the artist. Charles Daudelin (1920-2001) was born in Granby located in the South West of the province of Québec. He was one of the pioneers who dedicated their talents to the integration of art in public spaces.

His most celebrated sculpture is a bronze called L'embâcle, a fountain that adorns the Place du Québec in Paris since 1984. In 1998, and in recognition and celebration of his art achievements, Charles Daudelin received l'Ordre national du Québec, the highest honour in the province. 

Mont-Royal Metro Station
Le Plateau Mont-Royal Borough
Tango de Montréal - Poème de Gérald Godin (2000)

About the artist. Richard Purdy was born in 1953 in Ottawa, in the province of Ontario. In 1991, he and François Hébert formed an artistic collaboration called Les Industries Perdues and, together, they created 19 public artworks. 

Purdy likes to surprise, to play with ambiguities and illusions and to subvert disciplines by presenting different points of view of the same subject. "Mon but n'est pas de créer du nouveau, mais de découvrir ce qui a été oublié". 

Metro Art in Montreal
Sherbrooke Public Art Pictures - Orange Line

Sherbrooke Metro Station
Le Plateau Mont-Royal Borough
Mosaic (1969)

About the artist. This venetian marble mosaic was created by painter Gabriel Bastien (1923-1977) and by mosaicist Andrea Vau (1934-1997). A mosaic that depicts the founding banquet of the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste accompanied by images that show some of their accomplishments. 

Born in Montreal, painter Gabriel Bastien co-founded the École professionnelle d'art commercial in 1960 and, born in Buia, Italy, Andrea Vau came to Canada in the mid-1960's to pursue his career as a mosaicist.

Sherbrooke Metro Station
Le Plateau Mont-Royal Borough
Horizons (1971)

About the artist. Born in Montréal in 1931, Mario Merola is a versatile artist best known for his integration of artworks into various public buildings.

Our Montreal Metro was inaugurated in 1966 and, during the same years, Merola was one of the leading artist who challenged the domination of abstract  art in Montreal as well as in Le Plateau Mont-Royal public art pictures.  

Sherbrooke Metro Station
Le Plateau Mont-Royal Borough
Rivières (1974)

About the artist. The discreet and rhythmic pattern of brown bricks of the mural "Rivières" by Mario Merola is another example of the great diversity of his work. Merola evolved and changed over time, but he always remained true to his very own artistic language.

Public Art in Montreal
Le Plateau Mont-Royal Art Pictures

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