Photo Album

Our very own, very Montreal Kits photo album as of today ...


A Garden of Tranquility

A Graveyard

A Graveyard Field 1

A Graveyard Field 2

A Graveyard Field 3

A Graveyard Field 4

A Graveyard Field 5

A Mini Look

Angel Garden


Backstreet View

Beautiful Garden

Beautiful Winters


Botanical Garden 1

Botanical Garden 2

Botanical Garden 3

Botanical Garden 4

Botanical Garden 5

Botanical Garden 6

Botanical Garden 7

Botanical Garden 8

Botanical Garden 9

Botanical Garden 10

Botanical Garden 11

Botanical Garden 12

Botanical Garden 13

Botanical Garden 14

Botanical Garden 15

Botanical Garden 16

Bridges and Rivers

Burial Ground

Business Links Industries


Cemetery or Graveyard

Cemetery vs Graveyard

City Park Recreation

CIUSS Photos 1

CIUSS Photos 2

CIUSS Photos 3

Collective Gardens

Community Gardens


Doors Nothing Else

Downtown Montreal


Evergreen Walk


Fall Season

Fence Gates

First Nations Art

Flower Arrangements


Garden Park

Garden Ponds

Garden Style

Glimpse of the Ponds

Graffiti Street Art

Graveyard Art 1

Graveyard Art 2

Graveyard Art 3

Graveyard Flowers

Graveyard Images

Green Garden


Hidden Backstreet

Home Office Interior

Honore-Beaugrand Street


IStock Images


JEP Photo Gallery

Jez Leather Garments 1

Jez Leather Garments 2

Jez Leather Garments 3

Jez Leather Garments 4

Jez Leather Garments 5

July Flowers


Landscape Garden 1

Landscape Garden 2

Landscape Garden 3

Landscape Garden 4

Landscape Garden 5

Landscape Garden 6

Landscape Garden 7

Landscape Garden 8

Landscape Garden 9

Landscape Garden 10

Landscape Garden 11

Landscape Garden 12


Main Streets Portraits

Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital

Maisonneuve-Rosemont Pavillon

Memorial Area


Montreal Art Outdoor

Montreal Beauties

Montreal Borough Halls

Montreal City Halls

Montreal Coronavirus

Montreal COVID-19

Montreal Downtown

More Beautiful Winters

More Graveyard Images

More July Flowers

More Winter Scenes

My Favorite Spot


One Walking Street

Other Beautiful Winters

Other Winter Scenes


Peace and Tranquility

Peoples Neighborhood

Photo Album

Plateau-Mont-Royal 1

Plateau-Mont-Royal 2

Plateau-Mont-Royal 3

Plateau-Mont-Royal 4

Plateau Mont-Royal 5

Plaza St-Hubert

Plaza St-Hubert Take Two

Public Garden


Saint-Laurent Boulevard 1

Saint-Laurent Boulevard 2

Saint-Laurent Boulevard 3

Saint-Laurent Boulevard 4

Saint-Laurent Boulevard 5

Saint-Laurent Boulevard 6

Saint-Laurent Boulevard 7

Saint-Laurent Boulevard 8

Saint-Laurent Boulevard 9

Saint-Laurent Boulevard 10

Saint-Laurent Boulevard 11

Saint-Laurent Boulevard 12

Saint-Laurent Boulevard 13

Saint-Laurent Boulevard 14

Sidewalks and Curbs

Space for Life 1

Space for Life 2

Space for Life 3

Space for Life 4

Space for Life 5

Space for Life 6

Space for Life 7

Space for Life 8

Space for Life 9

Space for Life 10

Space for Life 11

Space for Life 12

Space for Life 13

Space for Life 14

Space for Life 15

Spring Colors

Spring Pictures

Spring Season

Street Art Graffiti

Street Views

Streets and Backstreets

Stroll Photography

Summer Photos 1

Summer Photos 2

Summer Photos 3

Summer Photos 4

Summer Photos 5

Summer Photos 6

Summer Photos 7

Summer Photos 8

Summer Photos 9

Summer Photos 10

Summer Photos 11

Summer Photos 12

Summer Photos 13

Summer Photos 14

Summer Photos 15

Summer Photos 16

Summer Photos 17

Summer Photos 18

Summer Photos 19

Summer Photos 20

Summer Photos 21

Summer Photos 22

Summer Photos 23

Summer Photos 24

Summer Photos 25

Summer Photos 26

Summer Photos 27

Summer Photos 28

Summer Photos 29

Summer Photos 30

Summer Season


Touch of Tranquility

Two Walking Street


Urban Forest

Urban Gardens

Urban Oasis

Urban Park

Urban Streets


Ville-Marie Tourism


Walk With Me 1

Walk With Me 2

Walk With Me 3

Walk With Me 4

Walk With Me 5

Walk With Me 6

Walk With Me 7

Walk With Me 8

Walk With Me 9

Walk With Me 10

Walk With Me 11

Walk With Me 12

Walk With Me 13

Walk With Me 14

Walk With Me 15

Water Garden Plants

What Day?

What Day is It?

Winter Photos 1

Winter Photos 2

Winter Photos 3

Winter Photos 4

Winter Photos 5

Winter Photos 6

Winter Photos 7

Winter Photos 8

Winter Photos 9

Winter Photos 10

Winter Photos 11

Winter Photos 12

Winter Photos 13

Winter Photos 14

Winter Photos 15

Winter Photos 16

Winter Photos 17

Winter Photos 18

Winter Photos 19

Winter Photos 20

Winter Photos 21

Winter Photos 22

Winter Photos 23

Winter Photos 24

Winter Photos 25

Winter Scenes

Winter Season


Yard and Garden

Montreal KITS
Photo Album by Rachel Louise Barry

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