Personal Financial Planner

Learning about the basic duties and responsibilities of a personal financial planner and inquiring and deciding what your financial planner cost will be is not as complicated and as difficult as it may seem at first sight. 

As stated by the Autorité des marchés financiers, the work of a financial planner begins with planning your short and long-term financial goals and putting into writing the terms of your engagement.

Managing your money as planned and providing you with regular financial planner reports are mandatory and are part of a financial planner service and responsibility.

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Best Financial Planner

You and your financial planner will determine the scope of your financial planning association, establish the responsibilities towards each other, set a time frame and agree on a financial planner fee.

Your financial planner will also discuss your requirements, your priorities and your goals. S/he will gather your financial information, recommend a personalized financial action plan and ask you to sign an agreement.

It is then and only then that your financial planner can go ahead, take action and implement the financial success system you both discussed and agreed upon. 

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Personal Financial Planner Cost

Your financial planner will analyze the information you supplied, evaluate your financial situation and determine if all your goals, your needs and your requirements can be attained and to what extent.

After having clearly identify your goals and properly evaluate your financial situation, your analyst financial planner will analyze different suitable financial strategies. S/he will then give you his or her best recommendations and provide you with a personalized financial success system.

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Financial Freedom Planner

You and your financial planner will meet on a regular basis to discuss the content of your financial planner report, exchange comments, ask questions, make suggestions, bring changes and agree on mutual responsibilities and time frames.

Remember, it is the integration of the six following fundamental financial components that distinguishes competent financial planning from simple product recommendation.

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  • Asset Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Tax Planning

It is important to regularly assess the progress of your financial plan, make sure the results are according to plan, discuss various alternatives and bring all the necessary changes when and where they are required. 

A financial planner program prepared by a personal financial planner will definitely help you set your personal financial goals and, in due time, achieve financial freedom.


Personal Financial Planner by Rachel Louise Barry