Nonprofit Establishments

Our Montreal nonprofit establishments refer to the nonprofit and social services offered to Montrealers who, for one reason or another, require special assistance, special services or special care. Each nonprofit carries it own mission. 

On the provincial level, and according to our Registraire des entreprises Québec, our nonprofit establishments are groups of individuals who do not intend to make pecuniary gains or to distribute pecuniary gains to the members of their nonprofit. 

A nonprofit organization (NPO) has an existence separate from that of its members. Nonprofits own property in their own name, acquire rights and assume obligations and liabilities, sign contacts through their directors and may sue or be sued. 

Government and Nonprofit Sectors

Nonprofit companies that are incorporated or registered, that are legally recognised as charities and nonprofit organisations and that have a charity nonprofit name protected against any use by other legal (or illegal) nonprofit entities. One must always be careful of charity scams.

Canada Revenue Agency is the government administrative division responsible for granting charitable tax status. A status that enables nonprofits to issue receipts to donors for income tax purposes. 

Nonprofit companies receive specific tax exemptions and are subject to a number of regulations and restrictions. They are, for instance, required to file an income tax return at least every two years. Tax returns and nonprofit archives that are made available to the general public. 

Nonprofit Government Grants

According to a relatively recent (2006) function and nonprofit survey called The Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector in Quebec by the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Quebec has the largest concentration of nonprofit organizations in Canada, along with a higher per capita number of nonprofits than most other provinces.

Our charities and nonprofit organizations are primarily active at the local level. They provide nonprofit and social services to the general public, especially in areas such as sports and recreation as well as community and social services.

Quebec community groups nonprofit have less financial resources than those in other provinces. Their main source of revenue are nonprofit government grants. As a result, many nonprofits believe that their over reliance on nonprofit fund raising is a major problem, especially since very little comes from government payments for goods and services.

Charity Nonprofit Volunteering

Quebec community groups nonprofit also have to do with less nonprofit staffing than other groups in other provinces. Many rely on nonprofits volunteering,  both in terms of volunteers and volunteered hours, to operate properly and adequately.

The majority of our charity nonprofit volunteering is involved in social services mostly in large  charities and nonprofit organizations. When board members are excluded, one third of our organizations have no volunteers. What's more, half of our nonprofits cannot rely on a significant paid employment nonprofit workforce.

Then again, our city nonprofit organizations report that they did not experience great variations in their nonprofit staffing. For many of our nonprofit establishments, the number of employees remained stable over the last few years and many organizations with stable revenues saw their number of volunteers remain stable.

Nonprofit Establishments and Nonprofit Organisations

If you are a nonprofit establishment, if you are located on the island of Montreal and if you would like us to add and image as well as a link to your nonprofit organisation, simply send us your request using our Keep in Touch! form.

We will be happy to help you promote your nonprofit organisation in a very simple and very uncomplicated but effective free way. If you wish to make a donation and want to make sure the charity is duly registered, see the list of registered charities provided by the Government of Canada.

Montreal URBAN Kit
Nonprofit Establishments 
by Rachel Louise Barry