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Newsletter and E-Zine

A monthly newsletter and e-zine with the latest news about many if not all our local SME's and retail businesses. News about the useful, practical and fashionable consumer goods and services you might like or dislike and information about whether these products are made in Canada, preferably in Montreal or not.

News about new products and new services, information about the daily life of a retailer and seller, stories about the products and services they offer and advice about choosing the right product and the right service at the right time.

Facts about each of our main streets in each of our boroughs and cities including our grand Ste-Catherine East-West street in downtown Montreal. St-Lawrence North-South Street used to be called "Main Street" but for a different kind of retailing and socializing reason. A story definitely worth telling eventually.

Business Newsletter and E-Zine

Monthly newsletter and e-zine to provide you with great value and interesting content to interest you and to inform you, our visitors. What are you looking for? What problems are you facing? How can we help? These are the questions we plan on asking you.

Newsletters and e-zines with up to date developments and information on topics such as, of course, Montreal and Montrealers and news about all the SMEs and the retail businesses who joined our Montreal Club Kit. 

Monthly newsletters and e-zines easy to read on a mobile device, with bold headlines, paragraphs and bullet points. Many different and easy ways to keep you informed and to enable you to take whatever action you wish to take, whenever you wish.

Montreal Club Kit Newsletter and E-Zine

It's not women like shopping, men don't, it's women are sophisticated shoppers and men are pragmatic shoppers. Women would rather continue to shop in the hope of finding the perfect solution, while men would rather buy a workable solution than continue to shop.

Magasiner in Montreal means shopping and window shopping. Shopping means purchasing goods from stores and window shopping means looking at goods displayed in stores without buying anything or just a few items.

If "magasiner" is your favorite sports, you will love our monthly Newsletter and E-zine. A Montreal Club Kit invitation for a pleasant and practical "magasinage" Montreal style in the company of each of our Montreal Kits members and each of our local SME's and retail businesses.

Thank you for your interest! RLB

Montreal CLUB Kit
Newsletter and E-Zine by Rachel Louise Barry


Discovering the many aspects that characterize Montreal and Montrealers