My Site Build It!

I recently browsed through my Site Build It! subscription now called Solo Build It! and was able to create the following sentence from some of the many acronyms SBI! uses on a regular basis. It goes like this.

With the right BAM, and after a peek at the TOC of the SBI AG, you will realize that the CTM concept can easily be applied using SBI or SBI for WP.

Translated into proper English, it goes like this. With the right Brain, Attitude and Motivation, and after a peek at the Table of Contents of the Solo Build It! Action Guide, you will realize that the Content, Traffic, PREselling, Monetize concept can easily be applied using Solo Build It! or Solo Build It! for Word Press.

Site Build It Action Guide

The Site Build It Action Guide is a 10-DAY (or weeks or months depending on your availability) big picture that takes you from mastering all the important basics on DAY 1 to monetizing on DAY 10.

Site Build It Action Guide that includes a large variety of Site Build It features such as step-by-step process, series of Site Build It software tools and a unique combination of information, community guidance and around-the-clock support.

Just click on SBI! What is It? the Table of Contents and see for yourself. SBI! or Site Build It! or Solo Build It! as it is called now was and still is right for me and it could very well be right for you too.

My Site Build It Can Help

It's all about "how to write about what we know and love" and about how to use each and every Site Build It features. Solo Build It! constantly develops and offers to its members fundamental tools I consider my most valuable and most competitive advantages.

A 10 day Action Guide and a series of Site Build It features that include a Brainstormer, a Master Keyword List and a CTPM, that is a Content -> Traffic -> PREsell -> Monetize process that works. Content that attracts targeted Traffic and targeted visitors who become PREsold and who generate income through a wide range of Monetization models.

Business With Site Build It!

If they weren't reliable I wouldn't be here telling you my Site Build It story and my struggles, my mistakes and my progress. I am completely and entirely sure that I'll meet many if not all my professional and financial online goals simply because Site Build It works.

Becoming a business and entrepreneur the way you or me imagine it and plan it, combined to building a profitable online business is a lot of work but, without Solo Build It, my profitable online business or yours would take a lot more time spent on research and analysis.

SBI! step-by-step process enables each and everyone of us to focus on building our online business in collaboration with a very informative and very detailed Action Guide that leads our way to success.

Success with Site Build It!

I know I will succeed because the Site Build It Action Guide is backing me up and showing me how to build, how to market and how to monetize this online business of mine called Montreal KITS. I have no worries whatsoever.

Just see for yourself and then decide if it's for you.

  1. Learn some business basics before you begin.
  2. Find the perfect niche (topic) for your business.
  3. Build your "Site Content Blueprint".
  4. Evaluate the monetization potential of the niche you selected.
  5. Pick and register a domain name for your site.
  6. Add a new dimension to your presence — social media.
  7. Attract and increase traffic to your site.
  8. Begin developing and nurturing relationships with your visitors.
  9. Begin examining the data that tells you who your visitors are.
  10. Start offering your first monetization option.

Montreal KITS by Rachel Louise Barry

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