Montreal Municipal Corporation

The municipal election of the Montreal municipal corporation takes place every four (4) years on the 1st Sunday of November. Our last municipal election took place in November 2017 and our next municipal election will take place in November 2021.

During our next municipal election in 2021, the residents of the Montreal Municipal Corporation will elect the menbers of the City Council that is, the mayor of the City of Montreal who is also the mayor of the Ville-Marie borough, the City Councillors, the Borough Mayors and the Borough Councillors.

An election voting year during which the residents of each of the 15 other cities, towns, ville and village of the island of Montreal will elect a Mayor for each municipality and a Councillor for each electoral district of each municipality including the island of Dorval.

Mayor Election Poll

Since mayor Gérald Tremblay (2002-2012), the mayor of the City of Montreal is also the mayor of the Ville-Marie borough, as per an agreement made between the Quebec Government and the City of Montreal. 

Mayor Tremblay was convinced that the mayor of the City of Montreal should also be the mayor of the Ville-Marie borough to avoid potential conflicts between a City Council and a Borough Council both located in the same borough.

The mayor of the City of Montreal heads the City Council and controls the administrative, budgetary and legislative procedures of the Montreal municipal services and organization as per our Charter of Ville de Montreal.

Montreal Council Style

A Montreal municipal corporation divided into three councils and one committee.

  • An Agglomeration Council to adopt by-laws and to authorize expenditures on shared services including social housing, emergency services and public transit across the entire Island of Montreal.
  • A decision making City Council to adopt municipal budgets, by-laws, programs, subsidies and governmental agreements.
  • A Borough Council to make decisions and to adopt by-laws such as urban planning, road network, permits, culture and recreation.
  • An Executive Committee composed of 12 members who prepare documents such as budgets and by-laws to be submitted to the City Council for approval and who allocate certain contracts.

Montreal Tax Administration

The Montreal City Council has the power to impose a tax rate on all properties within the limits of the City of Montreal as well as ten more municipal taxes. The boroughs impose two taxes, one for the services they supply and one for capital  expenditures.

All the taxpayers of the Island of Montreal, regardless of their borough or city of residence are required to pay a common tax for the shared services administered by the Agglomeration Council. 

Montreal Political Culture

The following is an alphabetical list of an equal number of traits that, according to some researchers, are prevalent in powerful men and powerful women such as our elected officials. 

Seven of the following traits are said to be prevalent in powerful men and seven others are said to be prevalent in powerful women and political leaders. 

See if you can identify which are male and which are female traits that may or may not help you vote for the most promising political analysts and leaders.

Traits that may also enable you to determine whether you have the proper qualifications for becoming a political consultant and leader.

The questions are...

  • Adaptability
  • Assurance
  • Confidence
  • Courage
  • Flexibility
  • Gentleness
  • Grace
  • Loyalty
  • Passion
  • Perseverance
  • Resilience
  • Self-Respect
  • Strength
  • Tenacity

The answers are...

  • EcargM
  • EcnarevesrepW
  • EcnarussaM
  • EcnedifnocM
  • EcneiliserW
  • EgaruocM
  • HtgnertsW
  • NoissapW
  • SseneltnegM
  • TcepserflesM
  • YticanetW
  • YtilibatpadaW
  • YtilibixelfM
  • YtlayolW

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