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Montreal Kits sponsors blog along with a First Nations sponsor blog to promote the first inhabitants of our city and province. An indigenous presence that dates back to 11,000 years and a 16th century that marks the beginning of regular contacts between indigenous peoples and Europeans.

A 16th century when the presence of Indigenous peoples was limited to three groups only, the Iroquoians in Quebec and in the Great Lakes, the Algonquians in the Gulf of St-Lawrence and the Inuit in Labrador-Ungava.

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The Iroquoian were sedentary people who practiced agriculture while the Inuit and the Algonquians were nomads who lived by fishing, hunting and gathering wild fruits. Indigenous peoples now called First Nations, Inuit and Métis.

Global Warming and Climate Change

It is a close relationship with their environment, along with a profound spiritual, cultural, social, and economic connection with nature that places the First Nations in a unique position. A position that enables them to fully understand that climate change and global warming require immediate changes and improvements. 

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The First Nations have been living in the same territories and the same ecosystems for centuries. Indigenous communities with a knowledge based on long-term love and respect for the natural world. A knowledge that enables them to create, encourage, develop and promote climate resilience projects.

Network Marketing Sponsors

Those are the reasons why companies owned by members of the First Nations will be contacted and sponsorship programs will be offered. New pages, new content and interesting sponsors mostly because their most important belief is to live in harmony with nature..

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Indigenous communities who depend on an ecological richness for their economic, social, and cultural well-being. A dependence that enables them to be highly sensitive to the effects of extreme weather and a knowledge that makes them powerful fighters against climate change and global warming

Sponsors Donors and Supporters

Indigenous Entrepreneurs  and sponsors who will become part of our certified sponsors blog and who will play a key role in promoting, advocating and shaping its Indigenous content and online visibility. 

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Indigenous business leaders and companies owned by members of the First Nations and located in the City of Montreal. Highly successful companies that specialize in management, marketing, accounting, finance, data processing ...

There are many different reasons why online visibility is important. Traffic is not a direct correlation to bottom-line revenue but, a unique, interesting and successful website can attract visitors and, when done properly, can and does turn turn visitors into interested readers, followers and buyers.

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Montreal Kits Sponsors Blog
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