Montreal Culture Diversity

Montreal culture diversity and strategic planning is a lot about harmonizing the strengths of our international business and trade activities with their respective cross culture environment and opportunities.

Executives no longer question the increasing importance of global business, on the contrary. Most global services and products offered by our international businesses view foreign competition as a challenge as well as the key factor of their success.

Sensitivity to cultural diversity and cross cultural communication both play an important role in everything related to our "products services export import exporters importers". Our culture and patrimoine is unique mostly because it depicts our achievements and the way we see our environment. 

Cross Cultural Environment

Our very own, very distinct business culture and strategic planning is no better than any other business culture. Each cultural value difference has its own rules and can only be explained by the particular circumstances faced by countries and organizations.

It is not business as usual, it never is in a culture diversity. Individuals and firms who clearly understand the rules of doing business in a world economy do prosper, those who do not understand fail or, at least, do not reach all their goals.

All things being equal, it is generally a lot easier for Canadians to do business with countries such as Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, UK and, of course USA than other countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, Hong Kong, Singapore or Japan.

Montreal Culture Diversity & Culture Transition

International managers have it tough. They must operate and they must be efficient. Their hypothesis and arguments are usually based on their Canadian culture, personal, professional and organizational. Then again, they need to understand the culture of all the other individuals and businesses they deal with. 

The essence of business culture and strategic planning is not what is visible on the surface. It is the shared ways people and groups of people understand and interpret their environment. It refers to not judging a culture by our own standards or by what we see as right or wrong, strange or normal.

Canadian Cultural Dimensions

Culture topics and traditions based on knowledge, beliefs and values that evolved over the years. A proper and essential knowledge of the personal and organizationlal culture of others, those with whom we live with, work with or do business with. 

Canadian rules of the game that reflect our very own, very personal cross cultural solutions. Would you play football, soccer or hockey without knowing the rules? And, even if you would, do you thing you would be asked to play again? 

As one of the French-speaking societies in North America, Québec is deeply attached to its culture, the very symbol of our identity. A culture tied to our French and English roots and to our Aboriginal heritage. We are influenced by our proximity to the United States and by the multi-ethnic population that now shapes our demographic profile.

Cultural Ideas & Cultural Intelligence

In selecting to read our series of Cultural Intelligence you focus on culture differences and on information that are vital to personal and business relationships. Failure to pay attention to these guidelines is guaranteed to damage your chances.

A single cultural gaffe in an initial contact can reduce or eliminate the possibility of a second contact. In effect, a first bad impression can ruin the possibility of a new relationship, a business deal or a .

Understanding our Montreal culture diversity is the key. From one society to another, lifestyles are different and so are customs and daily habits. This is the reason why being aware of everything related to culture diversity is so important and so useful.

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Montreal Culture Diversity by Rachel Louise Barry