Montreal City Electoral Profile

According to Élections Montréal and to our Montreal City electoral profile, on November 7, 2021, voters will elect the mayor of the City of Montréal who is also the mayor of the Ville-Marie borough, the borough mayors, the city councillors, and the borough councillors.

Montreal City Electoral Profile & Map


In the Montreal 19 boroughs and 58 electoral districts, 103 elective offices will be filled:

  • the city mayor, who is also the mayor of Ville-Marie borough
  • 18 mayors of other boroughs, who are also city councillors
  • 46 other city councillors
  • 38 borough councillors

Each of the 19 borough councils is composed of at least 5 members,

  • the borough mayor,
  • the city councillor(s),
  • the borough councillors, as the case may be for Ville-Marie
  • 2 city councillors chosen by the mayor.

Mayors and councillors who have local jurisdiction and power over specific matters pertaining to the City and to each borough of the City of Montreal.  

City hall has been closed to the public since May 2019. The building will undergo a heritage restoration and major work aimed at bringing it up to standard, modernizing it and ensuring that it is better adapted to democratic life.

The Lucien Saulnier building in the heart of Old Montréal is the new City Hall. Major renovations to the former City Hall requires that municipal headquarters be relocated next door, where te City Council now meets. 

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Montreal City Electoral Profile by Rachel Louise Barry

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