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If searching and visiting Montreal apartments is part of your next endeavor, important questions need to be asked and, even more important, need to be analyzed and dealt with before signing a lease. 

Questions such as: Are pets allowed? Am I responsible for maintenance bills? Can someone enter my apartment without my knowledge? Have there been any break-ins? 

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Montreal Apartments for Rent

Can I decorate my apartment? How many sets of keys are there? How would you like the rent to be paid? Is the heating and/or electricity covered in the rent? Is there an Internet service in the building?

Landlords are not allowed to ask for a deposit or to increase the rent during the lease. However, after the lease has been signed, they are allowed to ask for the first monthly payment.

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Montreal Apartment Rentals 

According to the Tribunal administratif du logement formerly called Régie du Logement, some of the main obligations of the tenants include:

  • allow the landlord to verify the condition of the dwelling;
  • allow urgent and necessary repairs;
  • maintain the dwelling in clean condition;
  • make the lesser maintenance repairs in certain cases;
  • inform the landlord about a serious defect or deterioration.
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Apartments Montreal

As for the main obligations of the landlords, they include:

  • maintain the dwelling in good habitable condition;
  • make all the necessary repairs, except those that are assumed by the tenant;
  • make sure that the number of occupants respect the normal conditions of comfort and sanitation.

Both the landlord occupying a dwelling in his own building and the tenant are entitled to what is called "peaceable enjoyment of the premises". 

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Montreal Apartment Rental

Montreal apartments come in various types and, more importantly, in various sizes. For instance, a one in a half apartment comes with one large room, a small kitchen, a bathroom and is comfortable enough for one person.

A two and a half apartment also called a studio comes with a separate bedroom, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. Some are L shaped, others have a small alcove attached to the living room called a double room.

A three and a half apartment is a one-bedroom apartment usually large enough for a separate bedroom, a living room and a full kitchen. An apartment that varies in size depending on its location.

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Rent or Sold Montreal Apartments

A four and a half apartment has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen  and a detached or semi-detached living room in sizes that vary widely.   

A five and a half apartment is similar to a four and a half apartment but with an additional bedroom. The apartment is either a two-bedroom apartment or an apartment with a bedroom, a living room, a dining room and a kitchen. 

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Finally, a classic six and a half apartment has two full bedrooms, a smaller bedroom, a dining room, a living room and a separate kitchen.

Needless to say that prices vary depending on the size of the apartment and its location and, for your information, the "one and a half" refers to the bathroom considered a "half room". 

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