Meeting Planning Jobs

Meeting planning jobs are essential since the last thing you and your team want is a meeting perceived as boring, endless or unproductive by the member of your team.

A precise list of meeting planner jobs and responsibilities is highly recommended and so is the most important, that is making sure that all the planning from beginning to end is done properly and accurately.

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Meeting Budget

Planning a business meeting requires budgeting and negotiating. Costs are based on the number of participants, the number of speakers and on the duration in terms of hours or days. Costs vary widely and affordable or expensive meetings vary depending mostly on the location, the technology and the facilities.

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Meeting Communication

Duties and responsibilities need to be attributed and an event planning checklist need to be established. Members of your planning team should meet on a regular basis to discuss the preparation, the implementation and the administration of your business meeting. 

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Meeting Entertainment

Entertainment is usually not the primary purpose of a business meeting but, a dynamic theme and a specific topic both can bring direction and cohesion to a meeting. Specific theme meeting activities to reinforce your topic, increase the participation of your audience, improve communication between participants and maintain enthusiasm.

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Meeting Equipment

Anything can go wrong so, make sure you determine in advance the specifications of your audio, visual and web requirements, find out about possible options and inquire about the costs. Test each piece of equipment, prepare extra material such as batteries and power cords and get the name and cell number of the attendant in charge.

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Meeting Evaluation

An evaluation is an ideal way to find out how people feel about your meeting and whether they liked it or not and why. Comments, discussions, improvements and changes that will help you prepare adequately for your next meeting planning job. 

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Meeting Food & Beverage

It is best to choose food and drinks with six important key factors in mind: your budget, your participants, the purpose of your meeting, the framework of your meeting structure, the current food trends and a decision about alcool or no alcool.

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Meeting Goals

The first and most important task when planning a business meeting is to determine your goals. Goals and objectives that will act as the foundation of your planning process. A series of actions that begins only after you have clearly and officially determined two or three goals no more, to focus on. 

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Meeting Location

A location that highly relies on the type of meeting you plan to organize and on its purpose.  Accessibility is an important factor and so are facilities such as those offered by hotels, by coworking space companies or by your own company. One hour before starting time, a team member should make sure the entire layout is exactly right.

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Meeting Planning

The success of a meeting, regardless of its purpose, its size and its goal also depends on leadership and effective planning. Productive meetings that require a meeting planner and a good set of meeting planning guidelines such as an agenda, a list of details and a purpose.

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The last thing you and your team want is a series of meeting planning jobs that end up being inefficient. Choosing the right meeting spaces and places is extremely important and so are before, during and after meeting responsibilities and assignments.

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