Looking for a Job

Whether you are looking for a job, a part time or full time job, whatever your dream career job is, you need to be clear about your abilities and competencies and, you need to impress. 

Looking for a Job

1) Identify the job: Read career related materials and/or make an appointment with a career counselor to discuss your career goals;

2) Research the field: Study the company and its industry, learn as much as you can about the job and prepare for the interview.

3) Determine a salary: Prepare a budget according to your standards, research salaries in your line of work and accept a realistic offer.

Making the right career choice according to your personality, your skills and your values are significant steps towards success, happiness and prosperity. Your education, your talents and your strengths are important factors and so are your ambitions and your constraints.

There is, however, no « magic formula ». With or without a good enough employment market with very many or very little jobs opportunities, jobs search positive results require advanced preparation, active employment research and confidence in your knowledge, your capacities and your personality.

Hospitality Jobs

Information sur le marché du travail - IMT provided by Emploi Québec offers highly interesting and highly useful information to those seeking employment jobs as well as those looking for employment regulations and employment services. 

An IMT also intended for employers who need information about labour markets or, about any other employment information regarding trades and professions, labor market, hiring programs, financial help... 

Secretary Jobs

Two popular job assistance are offered to those seeking employment. The first possibility refers to going through online employment listings and the second refers to searching specialized online employment agencies and to making an appointment

Looking for a Job

4) Decide on a location: If you are open to relocation, take some time to research jobs in your line of work by geographic location. 

5) Prepare your application materialA well-written and visually appealing resume and cover letter are fundamental in landing a job interview.

6) Polish your interview skills: Don't let your excitement make you be overly confident, recognize the need for preparing for an interview and learn as much as you can about the essential job elements. 

As a whole, an employment agency assists job seekers in finding full ltime or part time jobs based on their qualifications and preferences. Job seekers who are eventually introduced to potential employers.

In the case of a full time job, the employer pays the agency a fee equivalent to a percentage of the employee's starting salary. In the case of a temporary job, the employer pays the employee's salary plus a percentage to the agency.

Professional Jobs

Work employment and career jobs opportunities are of two types, internal and external through job postings. An hiring process that starts with a job description followed by advertising, recruiting, reviewing, screening, interviewing, checking, deciding, offering and hiring. 

Internal recruitment refers to recruiting internal candidates with the proper qualifications and giving them a chance to occupy a higher level position. As for external recruitment, it refers to recruiting candidates externally to fill a new and specific job opening.

Industrial Jobs

In most organisations, corporations and establishments, the hiring and integrating process of suitable candidates is under the responsibility of the Human Resources department.

Looking for a Job

7) Research the organization: Your potential employer is counting on it. Learn as much as you can, prepare to discuss what you have learned and decide if you would like to work for this organization.

8) Get organized: Copy each version of your resume, copy the tailored version of your cover letter; copy the detailed job description and copy the information you gathered regarding the employer.

9) Follow up: For each resume sent, follow up. Call or email within two or three weeks and reiterate your interest. Following up sets you apart from other candidates and reaffirms your interest in the position.

Human resources specialists who also oversee current employees knowledge, productivity and satisfaction, making sure that the workplace is running effectively and efficiently.

Other functions such as salaries and benefits, training, employee relations and workplace safety are also under the responsibility of the Human Resources department and team.

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Looking for a Job by Rachel Louise Barry