Local Establishments Employers

Growth in job vacancies in many if not all our local establishments employers is now prevailing. The number of jobs vacancies increased in many if not all our business sectors and areas, especially in manufacturing and especially in Quebec City followed by the City of Montreal.

Corporations and Local Establishments Employers

According to Canada Business and Industry, there are four basic structures, four forms of business organizations structures:

  1. The sole proprietorship owned by only one person fully responsible for all debts and obligations.
  2. The partneship owned by two or more partners.
  3. The corporation, a legal entity separated from its shareholders.
  4. The co-operative owned and controlled by an association of members.

Each of these four business organisation types have, of course, their own advantages and disadvantages and each of pros and cons must be carefully considered.

For example, a sole proprietorship is easy and inexpensive to register, but this business organisation type is closely regulated and extensive corporate records are required. A partnership, on the other hand, offers equal share in management, profits and assets, but there is no legal difference between the partners and the business.

Corporations and establishments offer limited liability, but this business organisation type is closely regulated and extensive corporate records are requred. Finally, a co-operative is owned and controlled by its members, but the participation of all members is required and conflict between members is possible.

Employee Application & Employee Evaluation

Some of the top business companies feel that recruitment takes too much time and money they would rather spend on other tasks and responsibilities.

Most of the job recruiters from employment agencies or from human resources agree that the benefits of using the hiring process of a job agency is, in most if not all cases, greater than the value of the time and effort of not using one.

In Montreal, some employment agencies specialize in temporary and permanent placement, payroll services or HR management. Others specialize in customer service, administrative support and sales, while still others specialize in distribution, logistics and transport. 

Establishments Employers & Employee Recruitment

As for candidates, employment agencies have access to a series of Montreal career employment jobs that are not advertised elsewhere.

A job agency can accelerate the hiring process between an employer and a candidate since, among other tasks and responsibilities, they look after advertising, interviewing and screening.

Their employment standard tasks include drawing up job descriptions with their clients, putting together job ads and posting them on their company's website and other suitable employment web sites.

Career Employment Agencies

Employment agencies review the job resumes they receive and match each of them to the job descriptions they prepared or received from their customers relationships and services.

They either invite suitable candidates for interviews or send the job resumes to their customers. They also carry out screening and background checks from previous employers and ask for references.

Some employment agencies offer a wide range of services, while others specialize in a specific niche such as insurance, healthcare, construction, sales, older workers, accounting, engineering...

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Local Establishments Employers by Rachel Louise Barry