List of Companies

Montréal Kits

Apparel Companies

Créations Jez

Nothing can be compared to the soft, yet strong texture of fine leather crafted into classic and elegant all leather apparels.

Group of Companies

HALTE 24-7

  • Coworking in Montreal

Coworking in Montreal is where freelancers work independently and together. It is also where they socialise.

International Companies

J.E. Peterson

  • Yemen, Omar, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

Dr. J.E. Peterson is a political analyst and historian specialising in the Arabian Gulf and Peninsula.

Internet Marketing Companies

Solo Build It!

A Solo Build It! system for Solopreneurs who wish to build a profitable online business.

Professional Tool Box

Architecture Design

D'Onofrio Architecture Home Design et l'intégration du bâtiment de la rue Saint-Dominique dans son tissus urbain.

Trading Companies

Orbital Trading

  • Currency Forex School

A currency Forex trading tutoring with specific information, proper examples and plenty of interesting results.

Montréal KITS - List of Companies

by Rachel Louise Barry