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Khwe' in Mohawk

An indigenous sponsor blog and an introduction to interesting and successful companies owned by indigenous peoples and located in the City of Montreal. Highly successful indigenous companies and interesting business sectors such as:

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  • airline,
  • air charter,
  • building and developing,
  • communications,
  • consulting services,
  • culture,
  • environment and forestry,
  • film and video production,
  • herbal tea,
  • home ventilation,
  • lumber trading,
  • media production,
  • notebooks and tablets,
  • product development,
  • software design and development,
  • technical services,

Indigenous companies and owners and councils who may or may not be interested in becoming part of our Montreal Kits endeavor and who may or may not accept to become Montreal Kits sponsors.

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Looking for Sponsors

On the one hand ...

The cultural values of the First Nations include wisdom, love, respect, bravery, honesty, humility and truth. Values that enable them to live in a way that promotes harmony and balance.

On the other ...

Sponsorship is when a company owned by a member of the First Nations commits money to Montreal Kits and to its team in exchange for a never ending online visibility, popularity, affluence ...

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e Team Sponsor Plan

Sponsorship is a financial support given by a sponsor, while a sponsor is, in the case of Montreal Kits at least, an organization that accepts to cover the cost of Human Resources in exchange for unique, specific and constant promotion, advertising, visibility ...

  • Indigenous companies as sponsors.
  • Strong, clear and engaging sponsorship.
  • Detailed marketing and financial plans.

Sponsorship is also a popular marketing technique used by many companies to gain a competitive advantage. When done properly, when proper planning and specific business objectives are coherent, sponsorship can be a lot more effective than advertising. 

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First Nation People

It is a close relationship with our environment along with deep spiritual, cultural, social, and economic connections with that environment, that makes the First Nations uniquely positioned to anticipate, prepare and respond to the impacts of climate change.

First Nations knowledge is key regarding climate resilience and sustainability. Indigenous Peoples have been living in the same ecosystems for centuries and, as a whole, have become experts in environmental cycles and processes. 

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Healthy biodiversity and ecosystems that include a safe, clean and sustainable environment along with the rights to life, health, food, water and culture. Rights such as safe climate, clean air, clean water, adequate sanitation, healthy food and non-toxic environments in which to live, work, study and play. 

Ónen ki’ wahi in Mohawk.

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