Hotel Concierge Services

The role of a hotel concierge desk is to provide luxury hotel concierge services that go beyond the requirements of any of the hotel guests. 

Concierges are the first and the last contact of the hotel guests. Hotel concierge services so all the guests, each and everyone of them has a pleasant and comfortable stay. 

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Luxury Concierge Services

Finding a table in a crowded restaurant or getting last minute concert tickets are common tasks concierges handle everyday and professionally.

Hotel concierge services are free, but you may consider concierge tipping if you plan on making several requests or, better still, if you simply wish to show your appreciation for the services rendered.

Concierges are trained to offer specialized first class services. They  will assist you in organizing your special events or, they will look after all your corporate requirements. 

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Concierges Gold Services

More often than not, concierges work in four or five star luxury hotels and spend their work time looking after the well being of the hotel guests.

The mere fact of offering Concierge Gold Services greatly increases the luxury of an hotel and the quality of the services provided by the hotel staff. 

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Hotel Concierge Desk

Concierges are travelers' best friend. While being very close to prestigious customers, concierges never forget that they are at the service of the hotel guests. It is only because of the presence of a concierge in a luxury hotel that personalized services can be offered to any classy, fashionable and fancy clientele. 

There are guests who want to rent an exotic car, a yacht or an airplane. Some need jewelry, luggage, clothing, instant repairs or after-hours haircuts. Lovers ask for flowers and champagne. Others wish to enjoy unusual adventures and others still simply want to plan a trip in one of our resorts.

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Concierges are able to understand the requirements of each and every guest. They have the best contacts, the best information and the best knowledge to serve any hotel guest in the best possible manner. Through their international concierges associations they have contacts from all over the world.

Professional Personal Concierge Services

Hotel concierges services always include making sure the confidentiality of the personal information, activities and requests of all the hotel guests are respected.

Experts in customer service, concierges demonstrate exemplary patience, unfailing discretion and high levels of knowledge.They have tact and integrity, lots of initiative, the skills to multi task and the ability to keep cool, calm and collected in any situation.

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Concierge Services on the Rise

Despite the popularity of concierges with international customers, luxury concierge services are still not widely used by Montrealers, either through ignorance or timidity.

Then again, Montrealers still confuse the role of a concierge and that of a superintendent. Mostly because in French, the word concierge applies to the two occupations. 

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Little by little however, concierges are finding their way into our local  hotel world. More and more hotel managers realize that concierge services hotel are worth a great deal. As a result, more and more visitors discover and appreciate the highly skilled services provided by concierges Montreal. 

Lifestyle and Concierge Services

Men or women concierges will handle your messages and your mail, make reservations for dinners and shows, recommend tours, suggest restaurants and direct you to interesting shopping locations.

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S/he will guide you away from the local tourist traps and inform you about Montreal hidden attractions and trends known to Montrealers only. S/he will also take care of your guests' requirements, rent limousines, find translation services and send flowers or gift baskets to your business customers and prospects

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