Home Office Interior

Un bureau coloré, a colorful home office interior that no longer exists and that simply shows the beginning of this Montreal Kits adventure. 

home office interior as in "a space designated in a person's residence for official business purposes". 

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A Montreal Kits and long list of trials and errors about how to build a website that is interesting and that looks good, how to make it easy to navigate, how to describe Montreal and Montrealers, how to attract more and more visitors, how to keep them interested, how to ...

An highly interesting and highly fascinating population has been selected, but the invitations have not been sent yet. 

Montreal Kits wishes to attract a specific type of "settlers" and to provide numerous and highly interesting details about each and everyone of them.   

K.I.T. Keep in Touch!

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A term that also describes the administrative corporate headquarters of a large enterprise as in the home office of a large corporation located in a particular city! What else do I need?

Montreal BUSINESS Kit
Home Office Interior by Rachel Louise Barry

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