Employment Agencies

In the province of Quebec, recruitment and employment agencies are not regulated, at least not yet. However, the Act Respecting Labour Standards sets out the minimum working conditions plus, an employment contract between employee and employer can and must establish the rights and responsibilities of each party.

The role of an employment agency, whether administrative or governmental, is to act as an intermediary between employers and employees regarding most if not all their respective and particular skills, requirements and preferences.

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Job Employment Opportunities

Some agencies cover specific business sectors such as retail employment, construction employment, software employment, while others specialize in specific professional sectors such as health care employment, engineer employment and pharmaceutical employment. 

For example, the international employment field is particular and, among many specifications, it must come with formal documentation so visa problems, tax issues and difficulties with workplace laws are avoided. 

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Employment and Recruitment Agencies

Not all employment agencies offer the same type of employment services. Services that are divided into eleven types, business services, communication, construction and engineering, distribution, education, environment, finance, tourism, health, recreation and transportation.

The ISCO, the International Standard Classification of Occupations divides jobs into 10 major groups: managers, professionals, technicians and associate professionals, clerical support workers, service and sales workers, skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery workers, craft and related trades workers, plant and machine operators, and assemblers, elementary occupations and armed forces occupations.

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Seeking Employment Jobs

Not all employment agencies offer the same type of employment jobs. Some concentrate their efforts on part time jobs, some on temporary or contractual jobs and some on permanent jobs.

Employment jobs always preceded by an employment interview, an employment verification and a series of talent employment assessments and tests for recruiting. Talents such as cognitive ability, emotional intelligence, integrity, job knowledge, personality, physical ability and skills assessment. 

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Part Time Employment Agencies

Part-time employment agencies typically hire students and workers of all ages who do not want or do not need a full time job for various reasons including the fact that part-time jobs sometimes work their way into full time jobs. 

Part time jobs are available in all kinds of industries but especially in retail, hospitality and health care. The retail industry sells finished products to consumers, the hospitality industry includes hotels, restaurants and bars and our healthcare industry is going through massive challenges.

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Some part-time jobs can be low-paying and high-stress, some workers may hold two or more part-time jobs instead of working full-time in one organization and some part time jobs pay enough to live comfortably while pursuing other fulfilling activities.

Temporary Employment Agencies

Temporary employment for those who wish to explore and then to select where to work, where to practice a trade, where to acquire experience and knowledge, where to build a career and where to reach specific goals.

A series of transitory contracts, responsibilities and work experience and an interesting lifestyle in line with personal preferences, determination and ambitions.

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A perfect way to learn about basic networking, to launch a career and to become a highly skilled specialist or consultant in fields such as human resources, research and development, engineering, accounting. Any of the professions governed by a Quebec professional order. 

Permanent Employment Agencies

Permanent employment agencies are for those who see themselves working in their chosen field for as long as they wish.

Permanent work that tends to be stable and that comes with benefits such as job security, advancement opportunities, company-paid or company-subsidized insurance benefits, regular paychecks, paid time off, vacation time and many others depending on the company.

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