Montreal Economic Sectors

Montreal economic sectors that bring together a considerable number of companies in an interesting leading position. A position that allows the City to position itself as one of the great international leaders in some of the strategic sectors of the global economy.

The long and meticulous work undertaken by the Montreal economic community, together with each of its four universities, to establish metropolitan clusters along with the innovative ecosystem of today allows economic players to be more productive and more creative.

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Clean Technologies

Fast growing clean technologies and environmental performance along with an important transition to a low-carbon economy.

Clean sectors such as air treatment, energy efficiency, green chemistry, renewable energy, management of water and residual materials, restoration of contaminated sites and sustainable transportation.

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A clean sector and the importance of a transition to a low-carbon economy. A sector that now stimulates innovation through new products and services and that promotes the importance of innovative companies.

Cultural and Creative Sector

The cultural and creative sector is among the specific character and identity of the City of Montreal. A sector that combines creativity and culture, technology and innovation.


A cultural and creative sector with companies involved in architecture and design, fashion, multimedia, video games, visual and digital art and technology.

The cultural and creative sector of the City of Montreal is highly in demand due to a growing urbanization. A city and cultural sector that favors, encourages and supports new business models.

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Digital Technology

Montreal economic sectors with a Multimedia and Industry 4.0 as one if not the most important economic development driver of the City of Montreal.

Multimedia as in communication that combines multiple contents such as animations, audio, images, text and/or video into a single presentation. Industry 4.0 as in the ongoing automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices using smart technology.

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An industry that includes sub-sectors such as advanced manufacturing; artificial intelligence and deep learning; big data; software and IT services; telecommunications services; virtual and augmented reality.

Life Sciences and Health Technologies

The Life Sciences and Health Technologies sector encompasses a number of activities divided into three main sectors called medical equipment manufacturing, research and development and distribution of pharmaceutical products. 

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The future of this sector depends on the prevailing synergy between institutions such as governments, higher education establishments, health service networks, research centers, finance companies and  multinational corporations. An important economic sector that requires a special attention.

Transport and Mobility

A vital sector related to the logical aspects of transportation and mobility such as e-commerce, distribution centers, last mile delivery, retail and wholesale and freight and passengers transportation. 

A sector that generates jobs and profits based on the quality of the services offered, with a direct impact on the productivity and the performance of the local sector.

Additionally, the emergence of sustainable and intelligent transportation systems does provide an opportunity to further consolidate our transportation and mobility sector.

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