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I highly recommend Solo Build It! SBI! took me all the way from an idea to a successful business called Montreal Kits, thanks to its 24/7 serious, genuine, positive and unmatched business building system and to each and every effective tools, courses and support it offers. RLB

e-Business Kit

The 10-DAY BIG Picture

The Action Guide is your road map to online business success. It guides you along a proven business-building process, known as...

Content  Traffic  PREsell  Monetize

e-Business Kit 1

Learn some business basics before you begin. This information will prepare you for everything you do to create a profitable business.

e-Business Kit 2

Find the perfect niche (topic) for your business. You'll do this by researching and evaluating up to 3 ideas, then picking the niche that has the best set of keywords and meets other success factors.

e-business Kit 3

Build your "Site Content Blueprint," an outline of what you will write about and how all the pages fit together to present your valuable information to site visitors.

e-Business Kit 4

Evaluate the monetization potential of the niche you selected. This evaluation includes how many different monetization options you can use, and gives you a sense of how much money your business can earn.

e-Business Kit 5

Ensure that your site's "personality" suits your target audience. Pick and register a domain name for your site. Your domain name will become part of your "brand," so it's important to find a particularly sharp name, one that's not only available as a domain name but also as a name for the major social channels. Register them all right away.

e-Business Kit 6

After you have published 10 content pages, add a new dimension to your presence — social media. Adding sharing buttons to your site enables visitors to engage with you through "passive social" media. Continue to grow your business with more published content, and learn about links.

e-Business Kit 7

Once you have passive social set up, and more content on your site, determine which of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. fit best with your niche and audience. This is a longer-term, "active social" media project that grows your reputation ("PREselling"). After you have published 10 content pages, attract and increase traffic to your site through the search engines and other sources.

e-Business Kit 8

Begin developing and nurturing relationships with your visitors. You'll do this naturally, as part of the "sharing economy" that connects people, ideas and products/services.

e-Business Kit 9

Begin examining the data that tells you who your visitors are. It's important to know who they are (male/female, location, age, etc.) so that you can target your content and your monetization options more closely to their needs and desires.

e-Business Kit 10

Start offering your first monetization option. Evaluate its success in meeting the income goal you set for it. Then add another way to earn revenue.

Once you have done all that, "rinse and repeat" steps 6-10, continually adding content to your site and your social media accounts, interacting with visitors and influencers in your niche, and earning an income from your visitors' loyalty.

The Action Guide walks you through each step of this process. Thousands of successful business-builders who started this journey, just like you, have proven this process, by following the Action Guide step by step.

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e-Business Kit by Rachel Louise Barry

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